Wii allocation numbers don't match Nintendo's 2 million quote!

Posted by Jason Triplett Thursday, October 12, 2006

So by now everyone knows that the Wii pre-orders begin tomorrow morning. However, what you may not know is that allocation numbers are really low. Nintendo recently announced that 2 million Wii's would be made ready for launch, with the majority hitting the US. However, gameStop/EB managers nationwide are now reporting that stores will actually get as few as 8 per store, and as many as 16. Yeah, you read that right... The same allocation as PS3.

This is puzzling to say the least. We are surprised to see the small allocations on this console, and have to wonder where all the Wii's are going.

Stay tuned as we dig deeper into this story!

  1. Anonymous Said,

    You realize that is 8 to 16 per Gamestop.

    Just so you understand, Gamestop does not get 100% of all PS3s coming to America. Even if all Gamestops get 16 PS3s each, there's still about 85% more PS3s to be allocated.

    The most likely case is that Gamestop simply does not want to carry that many consoles or possibly they don't really believe the allocation numbers.

    Posted on 7:45 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Gamestop and EB aren't the only stores that sell game consoles.

    Posted on 9:08 AM

  3. Cmos Said,

    I believe the 2 million number was for North America not the U.S. So that means Canada and Mexico get some of that

    Posted on 1:36 PM


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