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Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid on XBLA

Posted by Justin Gain

So cut back to a year or so ago, think back, back....one little game captured the hearts of millions with it's retro gameplay and insane art style. That game was Alien Hominid. It was initially a test by the Newgrounds.com crew to see if they could get a piece of the console gaming pie, and I gotta say that they nailed it. So cut back to now. With the recently announced Castle Crashers, we have one more little gem for you....apparently Alien Hominid is also coming to XBLA, and it's coming by the end of the year. That's all that has been revealed to us, and with the news of Castle Crashers coming in 2007, then Alien Hominid is definately a good way to hold us all over until then. Also, if you can't wait til then, definately pick it up for either PS2 or Gamecube in the US and PS2/Xbox in the UK.

For more info, definately check out http://www.thebehemoth.com/

Hello! From Justin Gain

Posted by Justin Gain

Hello! I'm Justin Gain, and I'll be bringing you what I hope to be vast amounts of news. So, strap in your seatbelts and get ready for a ride. Just so you guys can get a glimpse of what to expect, here's a couple of factoids. I'm a huge huge huge gamer. I've been gaming since 88-89. In relation, I was born in 85. I am big on classic games, and I tend to be a "grumpy gamer" when it comes to my views. Also, I'm a huge music fan so maybe I can post some of that in here too. Yeah, my current love is my 360 and DS. I just beat Dead Rising recently and I must say that all 360 owners should at least play this title once. That's about it for now!
End Transmission

Rated-M family gets bigger!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Today we welcome to the staff Justin Gain! He's gonna handle some daily news for you guys, and write the ocassional editorial. He is a great writer that I am sure will impress all of you as he has me.

Remember, Rated-M is stil llooking for a couple people. To find out more, click on the jobs link on the main page, http://www.rated-m.com!

Dead Rising DLC hits the Marketplace!

Posted by Jason Triplett

The first round of Dead Rising DLC has hit the Marketplace. 6 keys, all to lockers giving you free costumes. Yes, I said free. There is no charge for any of the current content!

The keys are as follows:

Miami Nights
Round Shades
Burgundy Wine
Pink Paparazzie
Man in Black

Each key is only 108kb and takes a split second to download!


SAW III Trailer Leaked!

Posted by Jason Triplett

That's right, you read it correctly. Once again, we provide you the goods. This past weekend, a Saw III trailer preceded The Descent. Someone, not myself, managed to get ahold of this, and it got in my hands.

The quality isn't the best, but if you want to see it, check it out for yourself! The trailer is just over 1MB, and requires DivX to watch!

We also bring to you the new theatrical poster now appearing in theaters. Enjoy!

SAW III Trailer

Loco Roco demo in stores now!

Posted by Jason Triplett

If you place a pre-order for Loco Roco at your local game store, you can get a demo of this highly addictive and fun game! In my opinion, this is the best PSP game since Lumines. IGN gave this game PSP game of show at E3, and it is no wonder why! Make sure to get your pre-orders in today and pick up your demo!

Loco Roco hits stores 9/5/06.

Saint's Row Pre-Order Bonus for GameStop/EBGames!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Saint's Row fanatics who pre-order through GameStop or EBGames get that neat little DVD demo, right? Well that isn't all they get.

Pre-orders for the game also get a code to unlock a free exclusive in-game t-shirt. There is no word as to what the shirt looks like, but the paper ads have gone up in GameStops and EBGames nationwide. Make sure to throw donw some money on this game ASAP!

Dead Rising: A Survivor's Story! Original FanFiction by Jason triplett

Posted by Jason Triplett

I wrote this short story based on the new Dead Rising game by Capcom. I need to mention that this story is in no way created by, endorsed, or approved by Capcom. I also need to mention that this story is to be considered for adults only, Rated R (or Rated-M lol).

I hope you all enjoy this. Feel free to leave comments about it in this post, or on our official forums!

Dead Rising: A Survivor's Story

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