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TDU Contest success!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We have chosen 19 lucky winners in our TDU free car code giveaway! Please check your PM's in our forums, and look out for an e-mail from us (lotusfilms@hotmail.com). Congratulations to the winners!

NOTE: The code must be entered on


The Oblivion contest is running just a bit longer, then it is gone for good too, so make sure you get on that one too!

Stay tuned for more great contests and giveaways!

Rated-M presents: Test Drive Unlimited Pre-Order Car giveaway!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We have 19 codes for the pre-order car for Test Drive unlimited, the Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe, and we are ready to give them out!

The codes will be distributed amoung 19 registered users of our forums who post in the appropriate topic.


All entries will stop within 24 hours of this posting and the winners will be chosen.

If you have entered to win the Oblivion Horse Armor, you may still enter this one too! Visit the link below to enter!


Guess what? Wii's price and date officially announced

Posted by Justin Gain

So it seems the Wii is going to be 250 bucks. That's great, as it's way cheaper than both of the next gen systems! Also it's dated for Nov. 19th so...get your wallets ready...November is going to be a BIG BIG month.

FFXII Special Edition case, close up!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Today we give you two different inside looks at the new tin case included in the FFXII Special Edition exclusive to GameStop/EB. The pictures featured here are actual photographs of the real retail case. The link below them will take you to GameStop.com's artist rendering of the same case.

UPDATED: Added the box art for the U.S. version's regular edition as well (by request)!

Front and back seperate.

Outside opened.

Inside opened.

Regular Edition box art.

Artist rendering (via GameStop): http://www.gamestop.com/gs/ffxii/ffxii_casedetail.html

Forza 2 pre-order info!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Even though Forza 2 might be delayed, you can still head to your local GameStop/EB and pre-order the game. Securing a reservation gives you a code for an exclusive in-game car, the Nissan Fairlady Z.

The code is picked up at time of purchase, and even GameStop.com reserves can get in on the action. Head to the link at the bottom of the page to reserve it online, or head to your local GameStop today.


Source: http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=200187

Exclusive first look at Wii and PS3 kiosk units!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Recently, we brought you news of the Wii and PS3 kiosk units, and when you can expect to test them in stores. Today, however, we have something much better for all of you. We have an exclusive first look at the units themselves!

At this time, the demo game set to play in each unit over the holiday season has not yet been determined, but this is what the units will look like in your local game store!

As always, we will continue to bring you the hottest news, so stay tund to Rated-M.com for more great stuff!

Pre-order Time is Near

Posted by Cmos

With two new consoles coming out in just a few more weeks I do want to remind everyone what happened last year around this time.

Think back to September 05 where every Ebgames, Gamestop, Game Crazy, Babbages, and any other place that is taking your money to ensure that you will have an Xbox 360 on launch day. "Wait! There isn’t enough you will have to wait until next shipment" says an employee of Ebgames. Everyone started pointing the finger at Microsoft even though Microsoft had never stated how many each store would get. Why would the game stores screw us over like this? Well I went in and dug deep and spoke to a few Ebgames employees and found out exactly why they will Pre-order items without having the supply to back it up. Every time you preorder an item that money is put on deposit in that store's bank account, so to sum it up we are giving all these stores free money because of the interest that is building up on our preorder $$$. Ok so for games this isn’t a big deal but when we are talking about system consoles it’s another story. Many of these retailers purposely over pre-ordered the 360 to get more money in the bank.

Now with two system launches coming very soon is this sham going to happen again.

Sony has stated many times that the console will be shipping in very small quantities and the rumor around the EB mill is that they are going to take as many pre-orders as they can regardless if it will not have a system for the person. I for one find this to be complete and utter BS. It’s all a scam to screw us into making their pockets that much deeper. Sure a few of you will get your system on launch day and this doesn’t apply to you but for the 100k + it is. Do not let the retailers fool you this time. Hopefully this situation is also repeated with Nintendo. I have not heard too much about their expected launch specs but Nintendo in the past has been known not to disappoint.

Dead Rising Review

Posted by Justin Gain

So I've been sitting at my computer for weeks trying to decide the right approach for doing this review. I was going to go all IGN and professional on it and highlight key points and what not. But then I realized...this isn't IGN. So I'm just going to give you my straight up opinion on the matter. Dead Rising is the kind of game that you are going to either love or hate. Myself, I adore the game with every fiber of my being. The reason for this is simple. The options. There are so many ways to kill zombies in this game, that you will forget how many you've done. Each weapon feels different in my opinion too. For instance when you smash a Zombie with a sledgehammer, the effect is drastically different then if you sliced them in half with a katana, and this is where the game shines. A lot of people complain about the save system in the game. However, I see it as a herald back to old school gaming where you had to make choices carefully, and didnt have Save points every second. That adds a lot of intensity to the game. Another area where this game shines is the storyline. The fact that you can decide to do the case files to uncover bits and pieces to the mystery was an amazing way to play it out, because you are never really sure what's exactly going on until the very end when it all comes together. The only thing that really bugged me, which I'm sure bugged 9/10ths of the people who played this game, was Otis and his walkie talkie. It wouldn't have been so bad if you could attack while on the walkie talkie, but you can't and when you get mauled by a Zombie while listening to him, you have to pick the phone up all over again and listen to his rambling all over again. Other than that, this game is like a golden prize at the bottom of a crappy cereal (the game being the prize, and the summer slump being the crappy cereal). So in conclusion, I believe that EVERYONE who owns a 360 must at least play this game once.

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 Special Edition info!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We have obtained information about the special edition of Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 for the XB360. Apparently, the 360 will be the main version of the game, and thus will be the only version getting the SE.

The SE includes an embossed metal case, bonus disk from a WWE box set, and a limited edition of "The Ultimate WWE Trivia Book". Best part is, it's currently listed as the SAME PRICE as the regular! Below are photos of the pre-order marketing package, with a close-up shot of the SE features.

Why I'm sick of 9/11...

Posted by Jason Triplett

Before you start flying off the handle, and start calling me an insensitive prick, let me first explain why I feel the way I do. I will say first and foremost that I feel bad for all the families involved in this tragedy. That being said, I am sick of the way 9/11 has gone from national tragedy to media circus.

I am sick of the way TV stations and movie studios exploit 9/11 for their own personal gain. I am sick of the way that politicians use 9/11 as a pedestal on which to place themselves higher. You know, 5 years later, we have half a dozen Hollywood films about 9/11, but for all the millions the films cost to produce, there is still no true memorial. 5 years later, ground zero still isn't fully cleaned and restored. 5 years later, moe and more soldiers are dying, and more and more terrorists are trying to kill us. 5 years later and the governemt is still lying about what happened that day.

At what point do we stop treating this tragedy like a free press event? It's a matter of time before we start seeing the official 9/11 pizza, and the twin towers bobblehead. That is the way this is headed. It's 5 years later, and nothing has changed, and that is a greater tragedy and a greater disrespect to the families of those who died.

On this day of national mourning, I recommend checking out the site http://www.letsroll911.org. It is filled with info about the tragedy that our government has kept hidden from us. It lists documentaries which dig into these facts. I also express my condolences for the families involved, and condemn our government for the despicable way in which these events had traspired over the last 5 years.

I said my piece. You don't have to agree, but I thank you for reading.

Rated-M opens comments to all!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We have decided to allow unregistered users to post comments to our articles. We have kept it only registered users until now, but decided that perhaps tha twas too strict. However keep in mind, flames, rude comments, and vulgarity are not allowed. I still hold the switch folks, and I will gladly delete any posts I do not find appropriate to the site.

The post office who stole Christmas?

Posted by Jason Triplett

UPDATE: I have called both the local San Diego post office and the national 1-800 number. I was given two totally different answers. This is leading to a lot of confusion. The San Diego branch confirmed this story, saying not to even bother bringing in items marked "Made in China" or "Made in Korea". The guys at the 1-800 number said there is nothing official in the computer about this, and that normally it depends on what the item is, and where it is going...not where it was made. So what's the deal? Continue to send me any reports of this happening in your neck of the woods!

ORIGINAL STORY: Ok. I have some disturbing news to report to all of you today. I am hearing reports from viewers nationwide that the USPS has banned shipments of any item that is marked "Made in China" or "Made in Korea". As you all know, toys, electronics, gaming consoles/games, music CD's, and so much more are mostly all made in China.

One particular incident happened in San Diego, when a viewer was trying to ship a simple Barbie Doll. The USPS opened the package and told her tha tshe couldn't send it because of the ban. they would not explain why, just that they could no send it at all. The package was going out of state, but not out of Country.

This grows even more disturbing, as I continue to get reports from views across the country about this strange ban. So we ask why? Why right at Christmas time do you ban the shipment of items "Made in China"? Is it because of tensions with N. Korea, and China's support of the country?

So we say to the USPS, thanks for ruining Christmas. Many children will not get their toys this year because you all want to be dicks.

We say to you viewers, please continue to tell us of these happenings, and we will try to get to the bottom of this.

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