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Killzone 2 giving people motion sickness!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Today, I break to you all another story regarding the overhyped PS3 game Killzone 2. Since the game's launch, numerous threads across the internet have erupted, with gamers claiming they cannot even play the game because it gives them motion sickness.

I have visited forums across the net, from Sony's own to GameFAQs and IGN. I have to say it is stunning how many people are reporting these issues.

"This is the first time in twenty years of gaming that a game has made me feel so badly that I have to stop playing it.The controls combined with the painful blur and framerate drops do a number on my head that lasts for an hour or more after I stop playing." describes one gamer.

Another gamer says "well, after playing the demo and getting simulation sickness from it again, I cancelled my preorder of KZ2. It's ridiculous that such a small, meaningless feature like head bobbing is forcing me to not play one of the biggest releases the PS3 will ever see."

This is obviously a serious issue with this game, one that needs to be fixed in order to save some of the credibility of it's overfluffed paid reviews.

UPDATE: We are also receiving reports of serious eye strain and sore eyes from these same threads across the net. I believe the two issues are connected. I am currently loking deeper into this.

Have you experienced motion sickness or "simulation" sickness? Tell us about it here in our comments section, and stay tuned for more on this as it breaks!

Killzone 2 boosting done with?

Posted by Jason Triplett

I broke the story yesterday about how it was possible to get max rank in KZ2's multi-player in less than 5 hours. The method involved using bots in ranked online matches. Why bots were ever allowed in ranked matches to begin with is beyond me.

Today, Guerrilla Games released the following statement regarding the new patch that just went live.

"We’re disabling the ability to add bots to online games as a temporary measure against rank-up abuse. A permanent solution is forthcoming."

So those miffed at the game for this particular reason should be able to rest at ease.

Source: PS3 Attitude

Killzone 2 unbiased and UNPAID review (a Rated-M Opinion).

Posted by Jason Triplett

So Killzone 2 has garnered quite an opening in terms of paid reviews. Metacritic shows a 91 at the moment, with a lot of paid magazines and sites giving it a perfect score. However, this game is definately not perfect. This is proof positive that most paid reviewers are nothing more than prostitutes...giving out favorable reviews for cash or prizes.

The issue lies in the fact that the game is simply not as good as the reviewers make it out to be, and the shame is, it's growing more and more evident to those who have gotten the game early. Here, I will lay out why this game does not deserve a perfect score.

1. The graphics. Yes, they are damn fine graphics...but this one aspect of the game is not enough to hold the whole thing up to a perfect score. Are they the best graphics ever? No. Blurry textures, some slowdown, and some clipping show that this game was a tad on the rushed side. Corners were cut to make the deadline.

2. The controls. Yes, they are "laggy" and unresponsive. GG has claimed this is intended, though a recent video released shows it is nothing more than sloppy development. See our article on the controls for more.

3. The length. Very short, even by FPS standards. I have witnessed with my own eyes a completion of the story at 4 hours 45 mins. This rivals Prey as one of the shortest FPS released.

4. The story. Very lacking, with very little to lead people into this game who have not played KZ1. Even those that did beat KZ1 may need a refresher depending on how long ago they played it. In this day an age a completely connected sequel needs to have some sort of cohesive lead in.

5. The voice acting. Worse than most B movies, though this is nothing new in the video game world. However, with a game of this "caliber", more attention should have been paid to production quality. Developer's wives/girlfriends do NOT make good voice actors. Sorry GG.

6. The multi-player. Severely lacking all around. A loose and easily exploitable ranking system top the bad issues with this aspect of the game (see out article with proof of the broken ranking). Obviously intended to be a slow paced tactical squad game online, instead players noobify themselves by going Rambo, then dying, therefore hurting your team. No one uses cover, everyone grenade spams. Some match types are over so fast you wonder if you actually just played a match. Generic and boring match types do nothing to help this situation either. Oh, and guess what? NO PARTY MAKING SYSTEM IN PLACE! WTF guys, this should be standard at this point.

Overall, this game feels very rushed, unfinished, unrefined. Fanboys and people paid to give good reviews will say otherwise, but this is not the shooter we were promised. It isn't even close. Maybe a few patches down the road, with a retail price drop and some DLC will change things a bit, but as it stands now, the multi-player in this game can't hold up to the likes of COD, Warhawk, Halo, and other modern online shooters. The single player experience just isn't long enough or fulfilling enough to warrant a $60 purchase, right in the middle of these hard economic times.

My opinion: PASS (or rent it...you'll beat SP before the game is even due back)

Top rank in Killzone 2's multi-player obtained in 5 hours?

Posted by Jason Triplett

Well, like the title of this post says, Killzone 2's multi-player is somewhat lacking, with players being able to achieve the highest online rank in 5 hours or less. This is not the only issue with the multi-player, but definately something that is BROKEN and should be fixed.



Stay tuned for our UNBIASED and UNPAID review of the game, coming shortly...

Killzone 2's horrible controls EXPLAINED!

Posted by Jason Triplett

So you've heard all the hype and hoola surrounding Killzone 2...but then you hear from people who aren't paid for their reviews that the controls suck ass. Who to believe? Well, I can guarantee you that the controls are faulty, and someone on YouTube helps solidify this fact in a very revealing video.

"The higher the deadzone, the further you have to move your sticks from their center to get them to register an action on screen. The lower you set it the more sensitive and responsive the sticks will become and the distance you have to move them from their center becomes little to none."

So the problem is with a faulty "dead zone". Watch the vid, play the demo, and see for yourself.

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