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Day of the Dead = worst remake of all time?

Posted by Jason Triplett

Look, I don't care if Steve Miner is directing it. Really. I don't care if Mina (hotty) Suvari and Ving Rhames star in it. What the fuck was Steve thinking by not following the original film though? WHAT THE FUCK STEVE? Anyways, look below for the shitfest trailer, and below that a shot from the original.

NOTE: in the remake trailer it says it was supposed to hit theaters in April 2007. After a whole year's delay, the film is now supposed to come out sometime in 2008. My guess is, direct to video.

Awesome set photos from The Mummy 3 with Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh and Wu Jing!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Enjoy these awesome set photos from the now wrapped Mummy 3, featuring an all-star cast! Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Wu Jing, Anthony Wong, Russel Wong, and that isn't even mentioning the western actors! This movie is going to be amazing!

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Wu Jing is one of the best martial artists you probably never heard of. check the link at the bottom of the page to see coverage of SPL, a film he did with the legendary Donnie Yen, and even more legendary Sammo Hung!


Chow Yun-Fat to play Master Roshi in Dragon Ball!

Posted by Jason Triplett

According to Hollywood Reporter. Chow Yun-Fat will be playing the role of Master Roshi in the upcoming Dragon Ball film. He will be one of maybe 2 or 3 asians in a mostly white film based on a mostly asian (and some animal) anime/manga series.

While HR has the scoop on this tidbit, I have even more info to share with you. I have heard from my sources that Chow's role will be a small part, almost a cameo it will be so short. Chow is currently hard at work filming what is being called "a top secret Honk Kong film that will revive the action genre". And I guarantee it isn't DB they are speaking of.

This source also claims that Roshi will most likely die in the film, as Chow didn't seem interested in doing sequels.

Chow has also lined up a Stranglehold feature film with legendary director John Woo, and is also planning a new film with even more legendary Yuen Woo Ping. It is speculated that he will be working on Yuen's "The Hands of Shang Chi", bu not in the title role.

Stay tuned for more on this as we get it!

Duke Nukem Forever gets teaser tomorrow!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Yeah, you heard it right!

"Last Saturday we had our annual company Christmas party. It was a lot of fun as usual but it featured one special surprise. It turns out that several people had been secretly working late nights and into the wee hours of the morning preparing a special video for those at the party. They created a short teaser for Duke Nukem Forever.

After seeing the teaser we thought it was something we should share with all of you and while it's just a teaser, rest assured more is coming.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th, around noon CST, we will release the first teaser trailer from Duke Nukem Forever."

Who knows whether or not we ever see the game release. See the full story below.


50 Cent caught on camera doing cocaine before a show?

Posted by Jason Triplett

So we all know that 50 Cent is a "G", a thug, a gangsta (not a wanksta) and that his "niggas kill for him". But I guess they also help him snort lines of coke to get juiced before a show...at least that is what the Croatian reporter who filmed the following video says.

Basically the gist of it all is that a rival TV station paid for the exclusive 50 Cent interview, but this reporter wasn't gonna let that happen. He weasels his way in the back, and into 50's dressing room, where he claims he caught them all doing lines of white powder on the table. He says he clearly saw the powder, and 50 with a straw to his nose hunched over it.

50's camp quickly shoos the cameras away, the door closes and a few seconds later, 50comes out to do an "interview". That is the story. 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, claims there was no drug use going on in there. Well, they certainly were acting very suspicious, weren't they? And what was up with 50 looking around constantly like he was paranoid the cops were coming? We don't pretend to know the real story here, but we want you all to view the video and form your own opinions. Be sure to let us know those opinions below in our comments section!

The unveiling of the new KITT for the new KNIGHT RIDER!

Posted by Jason Triplett

oday we bring you the unveiling of the new version of KITT for the upcoming NBC TV show rehash KNIGHT RIDER! I have to admit, I didn't expect it to look like this. I really don't know what to think, really. Enjoy!

J.J. Abrams to premiere Star Trek teaser before Cloverfield!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We have confirmed with numerous sources that J.J. Abrams will indeed place the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek prequel in front of the much hyped "Cloverfield". January is now a big month for Abrams. New season of LOST, the premiere of Cloverfield, and the debut of Star Trek's teaser!

In other Trek news, they still say they are working Shatner into the film somehow. This remains to be seen.

PS3 gets firmware 2.10! DivX, WMV, and a hell of a visualizer!

Posted by Jason Triplett

PS3 users were treated to their own firmware update to combat MS's recent dashboard update. PS3 users can now play DivX and WMV files. Oh, and check out the photo below. That's the great new visualizer for the PS3's music player. Press SQUARE during playback to get it. Yes, it rotates!

Cruise bronzes Suri's first poop!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Ok, not really, but someone thought it would be funny to make this. I kinda laughed a little, because to me it represents how outrageous media coverage and fame have been lately. Anyways, enjoy this joke photo!

Jumper official trailer!

Posted by Jason Triplett

This is the official trailer for the upcoming Jumper! Looks awesome!

Teeth trailer! MUST SEE!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Man eating vaginas! Don't believe it? Just watch...

Forbidden Kingdom trailer starring Jackie Chan and Jet li!

Posted by Jason Triplett

This is the teaser for Yuen Woo Ping and Rob Minkoff's Forbidden Kingdom starring Jackie Chan & Jet Li!

For those that don't know, this is based on the legendary story Journey to the West, which also inspired Dragon Ball. Also, check out our previous coverage of the film:



Hancock Trailer!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We present to you the debut of the trailer for the upcoming superhero comedy Hancock. hancock stars Will Smith and Charlize Theron. Enjoy!

First on set stills of Goku from the new DRAGON BALL film!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Well, the first week of Dragon Ball shooting in Mexico is under way, and what we get from it are these somewhat dissapointing shots of Goku. Perhaps its me, but I was hoping for a lot more from this film. It doesn't even LOOK like Goku. And yes, I have confirmed that A.) This is Goku, B.) He is in costume....WTF!

However, it couldn't be much worse than the OTHER Dragon Ball film. Never heard of it? Check it out below, it's become somewhat of a cult classic...


All new Dark Knight promotional stills!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Enjoy these all new promotional still from the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight!

The Dark Knight trailer is officially up!

Posted by Jason Triplett

As we promised days ago, the Dark Knight trailer went on the web OFFICIALLY last night. This is not like the situation in which we leaked the Transformers trailer early, and the company decided to put it on the net earlier than anticipated. In this case, WB had planned on putting it up on Sunday anyways.

We aren't gonna host it here, as it is kinda redundant, but we will point you in the right direction!


Resident Evil Degeneration trailer!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Courtesy of Capcom and Sony Pictures, we bring you this awesome trailer for the upcoming original CG animated feature film, Resident Evil Degeneration! Looks amazing to me!

Resident Evil Degeneration

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Stay tuned for more on this great looking film!

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