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The exploitation of the Benoit murders begins...

Posted by Jason Triplett

We all hate those stupid banner ads that try to fool you into clicking on them. Then there are the annoying ones with the looped video clips of people dancing horribly. But this has got the be by far the most tasteless and exploitative banner ad yet. Click on the below photo to see the animated image.

As you can see, this sad excuse for a banner ad is already trying to fool you into a click by asking a question you never get to answer. And while the question is valid, the giant syringe pointing at Chris Benoit's head, which then turns into a skull, is just in bad taste, and downright rude.

The link took us to yourgiftpro.com, one of those scam sites that trick you into signing up for offers with the promise of items you never receive. We have contacted yourgiftpro.com for comment, but they never got back to us.


WWE's sorded history of dead professional wrestlers.

Posted by Jason Triplett

I am not a fan of TMZ.com most of the time. I consider them to be tabloid for the most part, despite the fact that they don't make up stories. Amid the britney, Lindsey and Paris stories, there was this following article about WWE wrestlers who have died. The odd thing is that most died from the same thing...massive heart attack.

Please take the time to check it out. I hate to send TMZ a hit like this, but the article is well done, with pictures etc. Even if the article name is exploitative.


Another update on the Benoit tragedy...WWE apologizes for tribute.

Posted by Jason Triplett

The following information was released by TVWeek.com:

"WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will apologize for the three-hour USA Network tribute to pro wrestler Chris Benoit that aired Monday night, sources said.

The WWE and USA Network have received complaints about the tribute, which was hastily produced after Mr. Benoit, his wife and their son were found dead in their Georgia home Monday afternoon.

Authorities said Tuesday that Mr. Benoit strangled his wife and suffocated his son, then took his own life. But WWE and network officials were unaware of the circumstances of Mr. Benoit’s death when the tribute was assembled, sources said.

The WWE canceled its regularly scheduled “Monday Night RAW” event on USA Network Monday night and aired the tribute in its place.

Mr. McMahon will address wrestling fans tonight on Sci Fi Channel’s live Extreme Championship Wrestling event. He also plans to address speculation that Mr. Benoit’s actions were the result of steroid use.

The WWE plans to resume its regular wrestling telecasts, which air on USA Network, Sci Fi Channel and the CW"

This is in addition to all of Benoit's merchandise, tributes, etc getting yanked from the WWE.com website.

More info about benoit case, and what will happen in the WWE because of it.

Posted by Jason Triplett

Sources close to Johnny Nitro are reporting that Nitro does not want the belt he won in Benoit's place. He considers it tainted and "bad luck". Expect WWE to place the ECW belt on someone else, and have it come back to Nitro later, when he feels more comfortable about taking it.

WWE is also rumored to be forcing councelling for wrestlers and their families, not just in bereavement of a lost friend, but also to help prevent this from happening again. WWE may install this forced councelling into their wellness program.

WWE has also restructured much of their website, removing tributes, merchandise and other Benoit stuff completely without a trace. There are rumors that even DVD covers will be changed to edit the murderer out.

Another Benoit update, more disturbing details.

Posted by Jason Triplett

Earlier today, WWE began pulling down all references of Chris Benoit from their website, including merchandise, and even the tribute information on his superstar page.

It was replaced with old stories temporarily, including the McMahon is dead stuff, and all Benoit items were listed as "discontinued".

Fans an press both pummelled WWE representatives to find out what was going on. Of course, WWE denied knowing what was going on, and now the site is back to normal.

However, now WWE.com is also listing this case as a double murder/suicide.

And now the details of how he killed his family and himself reach news media, and it is most certainly disturbing...

From TMZ.com:

"Several Atlanta-based law enforcement sources have told TMZ Benoit may have strangled his wife on Saturday, then smothered his son in his bed a day later. Investigators refuse to officially comment, pending final confirmation by the coroner on the cause and time of the deaths.

One source told TMZ that Benoit was texting friends during Sunday's WWE "Vengeance" Pay-Per-View program -- possibly watching the show with his son, who may have been alive at the time.

According to sources, Benoit then hanged himself Monday in a weight room inside the family home."

A layout of the events in the Benoit Murder-Suicide.

Posted by Jason Triplett

Police confirmed this morning to ABC that this is in fact a double homicide/suicide investigation.

Also revealed were the following gruesome facts:

All 3 were found in separate rooms. Time of death places Benoit murdering Nancy first Saturday night. He then murdered his son sometime Sunday morning. Then almost 24 hours later, he commits suicide. Benoit's body was found in his personal weight room.

It is speculated that Benoit killed Nancy in the heat of an argument, possibly about her leaving him with their son. Then, as his son wakes the next morning, Chris decides to kill him as well.

What happened in the hours in between the deaths and his suicide is not known, but it is known that Benoit never left the house during this time. He stayed in there with their corpses for almost 24 hours before finally making the decision to kill himself rather than face prosecution.

Sources inside WWE told ABC that Saturday night, Benoit sounded calm on the phone, and really only described his situation as a "family emergency". Benoit, who was supposed to win the ECW belt that Sunday at the PPV, turned the belt down and said something along the lines of "I don't want it, give it to someone else". And WWE did just that. Johnny Nitro, who took Benoit's place in the ring, got the belt Benoit was supposed to get.

Several major news media outlets outright refused to even look at this story at first, believing it was indeed another hoax like McMahon's death. However, with TMZ.com, ABC, and CNN covering it now, this story has broke wide open. There are plans this week for coverage of this case on CNN's Nancy Grace.

Autopsy results are due later today.

More as this breaks.

WWE wrestler Chris benoit and family found dead, yes this is real.

Posted by Jason Triplett

Earlier today, the Benoit family were found dead in their Georgia home. Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit (former Pro Wrestling manager "Woman"), and their seven year old son Daniel were discovered dead around 2:30pm local time. The Sheriff's department has announced that these deaths are being investigated as a homicide.

Just last night, Chris Benoit didn't show for the WWE Pay-Per-View "Vengeance" due to what commentator Tazz called "personal reasons". Benoit reportedly flew home immediately to handle a "family emergency".

There were no doubt some fans who heard this thinking it was part of the show, like Vince McMahon's elaborate death on RAW. However, this is not part of a storyline. In fact, McMahon today broke kayfabe and reappeared on RAW to announce that tonight's show had been cancelled and is now a Benoit family tribute.

To further detach the McMahon fake death from the real Benoit death, WWE.com has removed all references to the McMahon death on it's main page...and for obvious reasons. This is a very odd and shocking death, much like the untimely death of Ms. Elizabeth. I applaud McMahon for abandoning his fake death storyline while this tragedy unfolds.

Something about this doesn't sit right with me, and when the autopsy results on the family come back tomorrow, I pray that it isn't determined that this was a murder-suicide.

I know this is a sinister thought on a day like today, but with all of the marriage related deaths recently, like that poor pregnant woman who was killed in Ohio, and the guy who shot his family to death in their van, all the way back to when Phil Hartman's wife shot him to death, it's hard not to have those thoughts.

More news as it breaks...
UPDATE: The Atlanta Constitution Journal, linked below, reports tonight that this is now a murder-suicide investigation. Now reports are coming in from people over at TMZ that Chris and Nancy apparently had a "volitile relationship". I had a sick feeling about this...


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