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Yuen Wo Ping teams with Marvel!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Famed action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping is teaming up with Marvel Comics to bring the obscure comic "The Hands of Shang Chi" to the big screen. Set to begin shooting this fall, and hit theaters by fall of 2007, this film will mark master Yuen's true return from film directing retirement. The film will be executive produced by Ang Lee, and released by Dreamworks.

So who will play Shang Chi? Well, neither Yuen or Marvel are talking, but word is that both Tony Jaa and Jing "Jackie" Wu are in the running for the role.

Yuen will immediately follow this project up with "Snow and the Seven", a Chinese retelling of the Snow White fairy tale in which 7 buddhist monks find a young girl.

Stay tuned to Rated-M.com for all the latest breaking exclusives!

BREAKING NEWS! eon8.com revealed as a mass psychological test!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Well the timer ticked down to zero, and the site refreshed...with an explanation that eon8 was a mass psychological test. See for yourself by heading to http://www.eon8.com.

PS3 Controller to be called the P oo S? Or is it a hoax?

Posted by Jason Triplett

A rumor has been circulating the net over the last couple of days claiming that Sony intends to name their new version of the Dual Shock controller the "P oo S". However, our investigation has incovered some facts that may prove this is not true. First, and most importantly, no major news media has been released nor even acknowledges this claim. Secondly, and almost equally as important, there are no public records of any registered copyright or trademark from Sony regarding the name "P oo S" or any variation of it.

Why would Sony name their controller the "P oo S", which in the words of Mr. Pink himself, sounds an awful lot like pussy? Maybe it's my dirty mind, but that's what comes to my mind when I look at it or verbalize it. Pussy.

Do you think Sony would subject themselves to countless Pussy jokes? No way they would allow that to happen. They are in bad enough shape as it is, with the first line of Blu-ray movies getting horrible reviews from critics, reports of defective lasers in current Blu-ray players, and of course their complete fuck-up at E3. I call bullshit on the whole "P oo S" thing, and until the world sees some SOLID proof that this is true, we should all treat it as pure rumor.

Final Fantasy XI launches Linkshell Community Beta!

Posted by Jason Triplett

The insanely popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XI just got a major upgrade, one that the game has needed for far too long. Players can now manage their linkshells (FFXI's version of a guild) through a special dedicated website! The Linkshell Community is still in Beta form, so some features are still subject to change, but as of now it is looking great!

Head on to http://fanzone.playonline.com/lscom/index.do to check it out for yourself!

Age of Conan enters Beta phase 1!

Posted by Jason Triplett

The highly anticipated MMORPG from Funcom, Age of Conan, went into beta status as of today. However, would be testers shouldn't get too excited. Beta phase 1 will only consist of Funcom employees and a few select professional testers. This is what is usually done during an Alpha test, so I'm not sure what's going on here. The game is expected to hit shelves this fall, so they had better pick up the pace...or else we may not see this game on shelves until next year.

Source: http://www.ageofconan.com/

DMX leaves Def Jam for Sony, fueds with Jay-Z.

Posted by Jason Triplett

Rapper/Actor DMX recently announced that his next CD release will not be on Def Jam Records as previously thought. Instead, DMX has signed a new deal with his old record company Sony, who plans to release at least the next 3 DMX albums.

When D was asked why he made the sudden change, he said "I can't work under him (speaking of former best friend Jay-Z) anymore. I have nothing against the label itself, I just can't work under him." DMX didn't leave alone. He took with him the awesome beat makers Swizz Beatz as well as his Ruff Ryders entourage.

Could this be the start of a feud between the former friends? Could this be a ploy to pull Jay-Z back out of retirement? Time will only tell.

As part of the deal, Sony got DMX's already finished album entitled "Here We Go Again", but had to almost entirely reproduce it track for track. It has even been renamed "Year of the Dog Again".

DMX's former official site http://www.defjam.com/dmx/ has been removed, as has any other mention of the artist from the site. The new site is up and running, http://www.dmx-official.com.

DMX's "Year of the Dog Again" was due out last June under the old title, but is now coming this August under the new title. Stay tuned for more on this story!

Breakdancing Transformers? Awesome video!

Posted by Jason Triplett

During my search for all things to do with the new Transformers film, I came across a badass video of some breakdancing Transformers! All I can say is you gotta see it to believe it. Really well made, but alas it's unrelated to the film.

At any rate, stop by the link below to check this out for yourself!

Source: http://students.washington.edu/colin2/breakformers/Video_player_06.html

Flight 93 hits DVD in time for 9/11 anniversary.

Posted by Jason Triplett

The popular film Flight 93 hits DVD on 9/05, just in time for the anniversary of 9/11. The DVD will have numerous special features and a high quality transfer of the film.

Here is a tip, and I hate to be a cheap ass bastard, but whatever. If you buy your new release DVD's from Wal-mart the first week of release, you can get them for $5 cheaper than the normal retail.

Anyways, this is a great film, so pick it up!

Prey 360 demo finally hits the net!

Posted by Jason Triplett

That's right folks, the MIA demo for Prey has finally arrived. This game is awesome, so make sure you get your ass on Live to check it out!

If you are one of the like 3 people left on Earth without a 360, you can find the PC demo ploating around somewhere.

Rated-m eon8 investigtion part 2!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Earlier we brought you the story of the mysterious website http://www.eon8.com. We discovered things involving mutated genes and linear propulsion. You can find the original article below:


Well with about 8 hours left on the countdown, we have uncovered some more disturbing things concerning eon8. The first thing we noticed is the main logo on the site just says plain "E8".

The above link describes the false matimatical process knows as E8.

The wiki for the e8 matimatical process.

Another interesting link we found when removing the "on" from eon8.

When visiting eon8 from an extrernal site you get the ES-12 verification error. ES-12 to do with mental health?

Or perhaps ES-12 has more to do with genomes again?

The timer ticks down, 8 hours remain. We have uncovered two seperate genome codes within the website, as well as some strange technology and matimatical references. What could this be? Stay tuned, as we will bring you more on this is it breaks!

Rumor: Young Buck to drop new album In October

Posted by Cmos

Well this news has been running like wildfire throughout the net. G-units only soldier from the dirty dirty is releasing his sophomore album this October titled Buck tha World. Single is suppose to drop mid-july. Hopefully its hot unlike his other label mate struggling to be heard.(Tony Gayo).Hopefully Album drops Oct 10th and dosent get pushed back like they always do...

What is eon8? An in-depth look!

Posted by Jason Triplett

The mysterious website http://www.eon8.com has hit the net with sweeping force...but what the fuck is it? Is it a viral ad campaign? An alternate reality game? Countdown to the end of the world? We did some investigating and came up with some interesting stuff.

This link explains what eon8 is, though I can't make much out of it.

http://bioinformatics-blat.ccr.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/hgc?hgsid=461&o=3101587&t=3177272&g=mrna&i=X13600&c=chrX&l=0&r=22224390&db=dm2&pix=620 Upon searching for x21-b, I discovered this website, explaining that it is a type of gene, specifically a deformed one.

Found this one while looking for x13600.

Perhaps the most interesting find, this came up when looking for Z-Theta9.

Hmm. Computer components? Genome deformity? Linear Propulsion? We aren't the only one's discovering things either. The guys over at http://eon8theinvestigation.ytmnd.com/ have found out some strange things as well.

So what could this be? Halo 3 viral ad? Another ARG? The readers at http://www.4815162342.com/forum/index.php are very familiar with this sort of stuff with the Lost ARG, and it was originally thought this was yet another piece of that show's ARG.

At any rate, the timer keeps ticking, 16 hours remain. Stay tuned for more news on this as it breaks!

XBOX Live Marketplace updated with new demo and more!

Posted by Jason Triplett

XBOX Live's Marketplace has received a huge update, including a new demo. The demo, Top Spin 2: Wimbledon, is the second demo released for the popular bargain title. Also added in the huge update were a Chromehounds theme w/ gamerpics, Chromehounds videos, N3 videos, Call of Duty 2 maps, and a few other items.

We also have word that the next Marketplace update is coming by the second week of July, with the addition of Street Fighter II to the Live Arcade, as well as a few other items from the leaked list we posted earlier. There is a good chance that the Chromehounds US demo and the Prey demo will make their appearance in this update. There is also a chance the Over G Fighters demo will be ready as well.

Slated for August are demos for N3, NCAA Footbal 07, Saint's Row and Dead Rising. It is likely that the Madden 07 demo won't "make the cut" until mid-september, but there is a good chance at a multiplayer feature in the demo.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE Resident Evil: Extinction trailer news!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Straight on the heels of our exclusive first look photos of the upcoming film Resident Evil: Extinction, we bring you the juicy details concerning the trailer!

According to our sources within the movie theater industry, the first trailer (most like a teaser) of the new RE film is set to premiere nationwide in front of Saw III this coming Halloween. Also preceding the film will be other horror-themed trailers. No word as of yet which others will be placed.

Resident Evil: Extinction is set for a 2007 release. Stay tuned to Rated-M.com for more on this as it breaks!

Exclusive first look at Resident Evil: Extinction!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Yesterday, we brought you the exclusive first look at the new Transformers trailer...a leak that eventually forced the movie company to release their trailer early.

Today, we bring you another exclusive first look. Two high quality official photos from the upcoming film Resident Evil: Extinction!

Milla Jovovich as Alice

Ali Larter as Claire Redfield

Oblivion for PC gets multiplayer mod!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Yes, it's the moment all you Oblivion PC owners have been waiting for. Someone has actually managed to get a working mod to allow co-op play on the PC version of Oblivion! The mod is still in early form, but you can keep up with it's progress at the link below!

Source: http://z3.invisionfree.com/MultiTES4/index.php?s=349eb3c32eb0cb868c5a9be21986b5f2&showtopic=84

Free XBOX 360 Demo Disk!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Walmart is offering a free demo disk for XBOX 360 on their website. All you need to do is fill out the form through the link below!

NOTE: the disk is NTSC and region coded for the US.

Source: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/catalog.gsp?cat=515871&sourceid=312378800935745454

XBOX Live leaked DLC list!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We now have for you the almost complete list of the upcoming DLC for XBOX Live, along with prices and dates! This info has been yanked down across the net, but once again, Rated-M.com bring it to you!

Perfect Dark Zero (July; 500 pts)
Map Pack #2

Project Gotham Racing 3 (July; 500 pts)
Five cars
“Cat and Mouse” game mode
Proximity based racing mode

Ghost Recon: ADV Warfighter (July; Points are to be announced)
Co-Op Scenarios

Kameo (July; 500 pts)
Hardcore Package
Harder Version of SP & Co-Op
New Leaderboards to support new versions
New Skins for harder mode
New co-op game type with competitive elements

Call of Durty 2 July (Aug/Sep; 900 pts )
Multiplayer Maps

400 pts

Lumines Live
1200 pts

800 pts

400 pts

Cloning Clyde
800 pts

Street Fighter 2: HFE
400 pts

We are still digging for the controversial DLC schedule for Oblivion, which was also leaked. Stay tuned for more updates!

Jet Li offers philosophy instead of violence.

Posted by Jason Triplett

The world was taken by surprise when Jet Li announced his retirement from martial arts films. his reason was taht he wanted to reflect more on his religion and it's philosophy. He also stated that he wanted to promote martial arts more as an art form rather than a viscious vehicle of death.

Jet recently updated his official site with a new look and theme which reflects what he has wanted to do with his career. The website features many brilliant essays written by the master himself, amoung other things. Be sure to check it out and tell him how much you appreciate him!

NOTE: Jet Li is set to star in "Rogue" with Jason Statham. Jet has confirmed that he will be fighting in the film, but it is not a martial arts films. "Rogue" hits theaters in 2007.

Source: http://www.jetli.com

PSP Eye Toy shown off in Japan!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Sony is showing off the sleek new Eye Toy camera for the Playstation Portable gaming system in Japan. Japanese tech site ITMedia gives the world the first look at this amazing hardware add-on. Behold!

Source: http://itmedia.co.jp

Introducing the world's newest Super Hero...Captain Copyright!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Those crazy Canadians are at it again! Captain Copyright is a new IP from the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency aimed towards school children of all people. I guess Canada is going with the "Get em while they're young" method.

In my opinion, this is one of the most rediculous things I have ever seen. To check it out for yourself, visit the link below!

Source: http://www.captaincopyright.ca/Default.aspx

Paramount Pictures responds to the leaked Transformers trailer!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We have been covering this story all day since it broke. The leaked Transformers trailer we posted earlier spread across the net like wildfire. Paramount could not control what we all started, therefore they removed the 6 day countdown from their website and replaced it with the actual trailer.

This is a shocking turn of events in this story. Stay tuned for more as it happens!

Source: http://www.transformersmovie.com/

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Transformers Trailer in DivX!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We are taking a risk bringing this to you, but we love you viewers out there. Earlier we reported on a set photo and the upcoming trailer for Transformers. We previously reported that the trailer will show before the new "Pirates" film. But now, in a world exclusive. We present to you the teaser trailer in it's entirety a whole 6 days before it is scheduled to release.

That's right folks, we have the trailer right here for you in DivX. Remember...you saw this HERE first! Rated-M.com!

Get the 8MB Trailer HERE! (Requires the DivX codec to play!)

Transformers teaser trailer to precede Pirates!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We have received information from two different theaters that the teaser trailer for the new Transformers film will show before the new "Pirates of the Carribean" this Friday.

To further confirm this, the official website has been updated with a countdown clock. Expect a lot of info on this film coming soon, but for now, we bring you the teaser poster!

Transformers is set to hit theaters on July 4th, 2007.

Click on the photo for a larger size!

Source: http://www.transformersmovie.com/

Transformers done Michael Bay style! (YES we have the controversial photo)

Posted by Jason Triplett

A couple days ago, a controversial photo hit the net showing one of the giant Transformers models from the set of the new Michael Bay film. The photo, portraying the newly designed "Bumblebee" Autobot, has been yanked off the net by studio executives. Even Aint It Cool News couldn't keep it up.

Well you know what? I am not afraid. This is just a photo. Nothing more. If the studio wants to threaten me (and give my site more free publicity in the meantime), then so be it. Here is the photo for your viewing pleasure!

Click on the picture for a larger shot!

Rated-M.com and the future.

Posted by Jason Triplett

I have been in web development for many years. This is my first project in a while, my first major project since UDCW.net, once the second most popular independant Dreamcast site on the net. I have been getting feedback from across the information super-highway about the new site, and the general concensus is that the "blog" layout has to go...or be added onto.

I agree wholeheartedly. I love the "blog" style of feeding you all your daily news, but I am currently working on a way to blend this style with the classic internet gaming site with reviews, previews, photos, etc.

A full design change is in the works, so stay tuned! There are great things ahead for Rated-M.com!

Final Fantasy XII hits stores on Halloween!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Gamespot.com reports that Square/Enix intends to release Final Fantasy XII for the Playstation 2 on October 31st, "All Hallow's Eve". We can only speculate that they picked this date so that gamers would actually PLAY this game before the PS3 hits shelves. Indeed, this is one of the last great titles slated for release on Sony's successful console.

I have played this game, and I love it. SE is one of the premiere developers in the world, and it's good to see them still have support for the older consoles. Square is sending the PS2 off proper with both FFXII and FFVII: Dirge Of Cerberus.

However, with the Nintendo Wii launching at the begining of October, Square may give themselves a run fortheir money with the new Crystal Chronicles and Dragon Quest games for the Wii launch.

Also slated for release around FFXII is the FFIII remake and Dragon Warrior Monsters for the Nintendo DS, as well as a pristine port of the original Final Fantasy to cell phones world-wide! It seems that no matter what system you own, Square/Enix is the company reaping the rewards!

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6153288.html

Chameleon snake just discovered and already threatened?

Posted by Jason Triplett

Why is there an animal story on this entertainment website? Well I am an animal lover and activist in my personal life, so you better believe I am going to share stories I feel to be important on this matter. Our species has been especially cruel to animal kind, so if there is anything I can do to help those without a voice, I am gonna do it.

Anyways, on to the story. Scientists with the World Wildlife Foundation (yes the guys that sued Vince McMahon over the WWF name) recently discovered a new species of snake on the island of Borneo. Now this isn't uncommon, as Borneo is home to a lot of newly discovered species. However, what makes this snake unusual is it's ability to change colors on the fly. It is the only snake known to have this ability.

Even though this snake was just discovered, WWF reports that it's habitat is already threatened by the rapid deforestation of Borneo. For more on this story, check the links below.

Source: http://www.999today.com/environment/news/story/3377.html
Source: http://www.panda.org

Blade the Series premieres tonight!

Posted by Jason Triplett

Now I know what you all are thinking...Blade the Series? WTF? Well I felt that way too, but initial critical impressions have actually been very good. Whether or not the show is any good or not depends on you...the fans.

Rapper gone actor Sticky Fingaz, from the rap group Onyx, plays the title role. Sticky is a hell of an actor, and I'm sure he will fit in just fine. The show's producers have promised that the show will not be a watered down version of the movies, but instead will channel the raw action and attitude of the films.

The show premieres tonight at 10pm (9 central) on the Spike TV network.

Also, for more on the show, and on Sticky Fingaz, check out the below interview IGN recently did.

Source: http://tv.ign.com/articles/715/715205p1.html
Source: http://www.spiketv.com/#shows/blade/index.jhtml

Spiderman 3 trailer hits the net!

Posted by Jason Triplett

This is it folks, the moment you've all been waiting for. The long awaited close of the Spider-Man trilogy by the genius Sam Raimi is set to release in May 2007, but you can get your first look today!

Scheduled to premiere in front of Superman, the trailer lasts about 90 seconds. You must have QuickTime installed to view this trailer. Click below to check it out.

NOTE: If you noticed that the Playstation 3 and Spider-Man 3 fonts are identical, then you now know just how fucking cheap Sony is. Congratulations!

Source: http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/spider-man_3/index.html

Mx Tabs closes down

Posted by Cmos

Well the MPA has forced Mxtabs.net the biggest resource for many musicians to close down its website. I happen to find this complete bullshit as many of us went there to learn how to play our favorite songs. I guess its no illegal to transpose something by ear.

Source: http://www.mxtabs.net/index.html

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