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Saint's Row Achievments announced!

Posted by Jason Triplett

The official achievment list for the upcoming XB360 game Saint's Row has been released. To see what you'll be looking for in the game, head on to the link below!

Source: http://www.achieve360points.com/game/saintsrow/

Ninty-Nine Nights demo hits XBL!

Posted by Jason Triplett

N3, or Ninty Nine Nights, is one of the most eagerly awaited titles of the fall. Already released in some regions, buzz is starting to spread about this game. Well starting today, you can see for yourself. The N3 demo has hit XBL Marketplace!

The demo weighs in at 587.43 MB, but is sure to be well worth the download. N3 hits US shelves in just a few days, 8/15/06.

Pardon our dust! We have a new look!

Posted by Jason Triplett

You may have noticed that we are sporting a spiffy new design. However, some of the links in our sidebar are still not working just yet. We will have those working in the next day or two. In the meantime, enjoy the new design!

Our Blogger site is still up by the way, so we haven't slighted those of you who loved that format. We will be using Blogger to handle our news content until we can come up with something better. From now on, http://www.rated-m.com will lead to the main page, and http://rated-m.blogspot.com will lead to the news section. You can stil laccess the news from the main page, so please update your bookmarks!

We would love to hear from you about the new design, so feel free to leave us a comment!

Transformers Movie info collective! UPDATED!

Posted by Jason Triplett

We were the ones to leak the Transformers movie trailer, forcing the studio to release it on the net earlier than expected. We brought you a first look at the teaser poster as well as a shot of the model for Bumblebee. Now we bring you yet another shot from the set of the film! This time, it's US soldiers under attack from the Decepticons!

Enjoy the photo, and check the links below in case you missed our previous coverage!

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Rated-M Game of the Month - Saint's Row

Posted by Jason Triplett

Now that the Saint's Row demo is out in stores, the buzz is moving like a freight train. There were many skeptical gamers wondering whether or not this game would be just another pretender like Driv3r, The Godfather, True Crime, and many others who have tried to capitalize on GTA's thunder.

We are happy to announce that this game indeed has what it takes to compete! Of course, many people will call this game a GTA clone, however, let's not forget that this is a true next-gen game. With things like full customization of cars, clothes, and your home, plus tons of great missions, online play and the HAVOK engine, this game stands to raise the bar and force the GTA team to improve on their own formula! This is so far the only game that I have played that has fully recreated the feeling that GTA originally gave us all.

Those of you who want to play this game now can get the demo by pre-ordering at most retailers. If you can't find it in a store near you, don't fret. The demo hits the XBL marketplace on August 1st. The game is due to hit the streets on August 29th. Something tells me many of us will still be playing the demo until the game's release!


TMNT Teaser Trailer!

Posted by Jason Triplett

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, the new TMNT teaser is up on the official site. This CG Animated film is the product of the rebrorn project that John Woo walked out on years ago (yeah, another US project he backed out of). This time around, the film looks MUCH better graphically, and looks to follow the same intensity of the comics without sacrificing the comedy we have grown to love.

Check out the official site and see for yourself:


Thanks to my friend Allen Hudson for the heads up on this!

Rated-M recommends: Donnie Yen

Posted by Jason Triplett

One of the most underrated martial artists in the west, Donnie yen is in my opinion "The New Master". I mean this in no disrespect of course to Bruce Lee's legacy. The reason I say this isn't because Donnie Yen is a brilliant fighter (which he is), but because of everything else that makes him great in addition.

Yen is a great film director. He has worked with every great martial arts movie director in Hong Kong, from Tsui Hark to Yuen Wo Ping. He learned from the best. Where Donnie really shines though, is in his genious martial arts choreography. Again, much of what he knows of choreography, he has learned from Yuen Wo Ping, the best in the business. Yen grew up woring with Yuen, who also gave him his first big break.

Most Americans who aren't really into importing movies from Hong Kong don't know about Yen. However, he has been in a few key films here in the states. Playing bad guys in both "Highlander: Endgame" and "Blade 2", he also choreographed for the two films. He also played the villain in "Shanghai Knights". A few of his fine Hong Kong performances have made it here to theaters. The "Iron Monkey", one of the best martial arts films of all time, and the absolutely superb "Hero". Most people also don't know that he choreographed the action scenes in Capcom's "Onimusha 3: Demon Seige".

Donnie is every bit as good a fighter as Jet Li, and when they go toe to toe in films you see two geniouses at work. One of Donnie's most memorable scenes was against Jet Li in the film "Once Upon A Time In China 2". The choreography was brilliantly done by Yuen Wo Ping, who had actually trained both fighters throughout most of their careers. Donnie really proved that he could keep up with the man some feel is the best martial artist alive.

One of his newest masterpieces is "Sha Po Lang (SPL)", in which he both choreographed and starred. Sammo Hung played the roll of his career in this film. His acting alone deserved an award. Wu Jing, one of the brightest new stars, and another genious fighter, plays an awesome villain. Donnie Yen has like a 20 minute UNCUT fight with Wu Jing that will absolutely blow your mind. Donnie shows in this film exactly why I call him "The New Master". His blending of Brazilian shoot fighting, Kung Fu, and even a little Muy Thai into one flowing style is exactly what Master Lee was looking to accomplish with Jeet Kun Do. To not have one style, but all styles. This film is to this day one of the best fight films of all time. There is still buzz about this film almost 3 years later. You have to see this film.

Donnie is getting more and more exposure stateside, so expect to see a lot more of him in the coming years. "SPL" and the masterpiece "Seven Swords" are both coming stateside, and Donnie plans to bring his newest film, "Dragon Tiger Gate" stateside as well. For everything he has done, we here at Rated-M give him our highest recommendation.


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