E-Bay PR speaks on PS3/Wii auctions!

Posted by Jason Triplett Monday, October 16, 2006

So I finally got word back from E-Bay this morning concerning PS3/Wii auctions on E-Bay. Why were they getting pulled? Will they continue to get pulled? Is the 90 day deal with Sony true? We finally got the e-mail we've been waiting for, and now we will share it with you all, along with some of the questions we sent along to them.

RM: "What can you tell us, if anything about the PS3/Wii situation on E-Bay?"

E-BAY: "I want to first clear up some confusion surrounding the Playstation 3 auctions, as per your questions via e-mail. There is no "90 day deal" between E-Bay and Sony. I understand that many game store employees were told this during meetings of some sort, but it is not entirely true. There is certainly a deal though, but it is not what you think. Sony asked us to cancel PS3 auctions for the sole protection of the consumer. I am sure you are aware of what happened last year with the Xbox 360 console. We didn't stop any auctions, even ones with reservations mind you, and what happened was a disaster. People bought what they thought was an Xbox 360, and instead received a picture of one.

Neither Sony nor E-Bay wanted this to happen this time around. Therefore we came to the agreement that our terms of service be altered in this case. We will be continuously pulling auctions down until launch."

RM: "How come you have allowed some PS3 auctions to go through, and others are cancelled immediately?"

E-BAY: "Quite simply, we were overwhelmed. I'm sure you noticed that when the auctions first started coming up, we pulled every single one of them. Then about mid-day, we were hit with a flood of auctions. Our staff worked very hard to get through them, and still does to this day. The ratio of completed auctions is far lower than the number you mentioned in the e-mail, and we have cancelled about 65% of all the auctions that have been up so far. This is a rough number.

We have put a block on the accounts of nearly a hundred users, and had about that many fraud claims both with us and PayPal. The bans are due to people reposting the console after it has been pulled, and in most cases is unrelated to the fraud claims."

RM: "Have you been to various internet sites that are talking about this situation to see what the public says?

E-BAY: "I personally have not. I can tell you though that colleagues of mine have been to a few popular forums, and the general public is just as misinformed as you were. This is a special case, and the original TOS does not apply here. Between Sony and ourselves, we decided to do it this specific way. For the safety of our consumers, and nothing more, we will continue to pull down a healthy number of auctions every day. Keep in mind also that just because a few auctions make it through, it does not mean it is ok to post them. Our official stance is that placing the PS3 auctions on E-Bay is considered a violation, and they will be removed if we catch them.

Do not place your Playstation 3 reserve on E-Bay. We require that you actually have the console in your possession, and request that you take an original photo of that console with your E-Bay user name in the photo somewhere. Make sure to list your auctions clearly. Auctions will be allowed once the console has been launched, but we will still be watching them very closely to prevent cases of fraud."

RM: "How will Wii auctions be handled?"

E-BAY: "As of yet we are not removing Wii auctions. Nintendo hasn't spoken with us regarding the matter, and we didn't really see the inflation that the PS3 was getting. If you happen to remember, we allowed reserve auctions for almost every console to date, including the Xbox 360. We also allowed reserve auctions for the Elmo TMX as far away as 6 months from it's launch. I will say it again, the Playstation 3 situation is unique within itself. If you are a seller, DO NOT POST IT. If you are a buyer, DO NOT BUY IT. Sellers run the risk of losing their E-Bay account, and buyers run the risk of fraud. Please wait until November 17th to post or buy the Playstation 3."

So there you have it. Stay tuned as we bring you the freshest news daily!

  1. srosenblatt Said,

    Thanks for posting the whole, complete text with the questions and answers from the e-mail. You asked good interview questions, and everything that I was looking for was answered.

    Keep up the good work with your blog.


    Posted on 10:41 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    great job with getting the interview

    Posted on 5:19 AM


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