UPDATE: YouTube has pulled down the videos. I had no back-ups, nor any warnings from YouTube. The videos will no longer be available.

So GameTrailers.com went ahead and did a side-by-side cap of The Darkness on both PS3 and XB360. Their video shows the PS3 version having normal looking colors and darkness settings, while there is definately something wrong about the 360 side of the screen. It looks purposely brightened, and very washed out.

The the game launches on both systems, and to 360 owner's delight, the game featured a graphical adjustment setting in the menu. Right away, it became obvious what GameTrailers had done. They used a horrible setting, and misrepresented the game and the 360 console itself.

So we here at Rated-M.com thought we'd go ahead and show you the setting differences ourselves. You can see the washed out over-bright setting that GameTrailers used, as well as some of the more appropriate settings vith vibrant colors.

NOTE: this was not an HD capture, but a Standard Definition capture. So at 720p and higher, it further improves vibrancy of colors (obviously).

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, I knew it was BS when I saw it. :\

    Posted on 9:23 PM

  2. thisismyname Said,

    gt forums is corrupt, well mostly the wii faction and a few mods. A user who is anti ps3 called AC, who thinks ps3 is inferior to the xbot360. The same could of been said about dreamcast since it was superior to the ps2 when it started. Better textures, and a unfied memory doesn't mean ps3 has no polygons or details, it only means on the surface it looks like crap. I know alot about art design, you only know science. Imagination is more inportant then knowlegde. Also if mgs4 is out on the xbot360, you wouldn't buy a ps3 and be anti ps3, because games like drake isn't good enough for you even if it uses streamed textures, which would probally remove alot of the bottleneck. Later and down with corrupt people on the gt forum.

    Posted on 9:55 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    they all look worst than the ps3 version

    Posted on 5:33 AM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    ive seen many GT vids and well to me moast of the GTpeople seem to be xbox fan boys.almoast all ive seen have hated on ps3. as the darkness gose ps3 is slightly better detailed but has more jagged edges. but both are barley notisable. so it evens out. both look great. if you like this type of game and have both systems you cant go wrong with ither. this console war is stupid both systems are good just play games and have fun i say.

    Posted on 4:44 AM


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