Gears of War DLC footage LEAKED!

Posted by Jason Triplett Sunday, July 08, 2007

We found this video floating around of the Vista version of Gears of War. However, this content shown is the very content the 360 owners will be getting via DLC!

Furthermore, we hear that Gears will indeed support cross platform play via Live.

UPDATE: After YouTube yanked the video, the guys over at found an alternate link from one of their users. I have used the clip there, so I want to extend my thanks to Xboxic for covering the story, and staying up on it after YouTube intervened.

  1. Jeff Said,

    The A button icon pops up because they're using a controller, but the popup for the achievements is the PC one.

    Posted on 1:19 AM

  2. Frank Said,

    Um wrong. You do realize that you can use 360 controllers on Vista games, right? Just look at the achievement that pops up, aka a vista achievement

    Posted on 4:17 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I thought Gears of war was XBOX 360 exclusive. So there can not be a pc version. This must be xbox 360. See button layout.

    And why are they wasting their time making extra content foor gears for the xbox 360 when they can make GEARS OF WAR 2???????

    Posted on 8:23 AM

  4. Matt Said,

    I'd hate to say it, that does not look like it is telling the user to use the 'A' button. Instead it look like its just telling them to use their action command or so which leads me to believe this is for vista after all. I mean come on, the 'A' button is green, and round, which is not something that I saw in that clip.

    Posted on 10:57 AM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    It's for PC, one the A button wasn't an A button, it was black and white, and two GOW is 360 exclusive, but what do the 360, GOW and vista have in common

    Posted on 8:50 AM

  6. curry684 Said,

    Hi there,

    I've fixed it at Xboxic. If you have a high-quality source let me know (email niels at xboxic dot tld), we've got more than enough bandwidth to spare for high-quality streaming.



    Posted on 7:34 PM

  7. Mike Said,

    This IS the PC version, because it was confirmed that you can fight that big thing in the PC version ONLY. With no plans to make it for the 360, to the chagrin of many XBox owners.

    Posted on 2:58 PM


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