What is eon8? An in-depth look!

Posted by Jason Triplett Friday, June 30, 2006

The mysterious website http://www.eon8.com has hit the net with sweeping force...but what the fuck is it? Is it a viral ad campaign? An alternate reality game? Countdown to the end of the world? We did some investigating and came up with some interesting stuff.

This link explains what eon8 is, though I can't make much out of it.

http://bioinformatics-blat.ccr.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/hgc?hgsid=461&o=3101587&t=3177272&g=mrna&i=X13600&c=chrX&l=0&r=22224390&db=dm2&pix=620 Upon searching for x21-b, I discovered this website, explaining that it is a type of gene, specifically a deformed one.

Found this one while looking for x13600.

Perhaps the most interesting find, this came up when looking for Z-Theta9.

Hmm. Computer components? Genome deformity? Linear Propulsion? We aren't the only one's discovering things either. The guys over at http://eon8theinvestigation.ytmnd.com/ have found out some strange things as well.

So what could this be? Halo 3 viral ad? Another ARG? The readers at http://www.4815162342.com/forum/index.php are very familiar with this sort of stuff with the Lost ARG, and it was originally thought this was yet another piece of that show's ARG.

At any rate, the timer keeps ticking, 16 hours remain. Stay tuned for more news on this as it breaks!


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