WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Transformers Trailer in DivX!

Posted by Jason Triplett Thursday, June 29, 2006

We are taking a risk bringing this to you, but we love you viewers out there. Earlier we reported on a set photo and the upcoming trailer for Transformers. We previously reported that the trailer will show before the new "Pirates" film. But now, in a world exclusive. We present to you the teaser trailer in it's entirety a whole 6 days before it is scheduled to release.

That's right folks, we have the trailer right here for you in DivX. saw this HERE first!!

Get the 8MB Trailer HERE! (Requires the DivX codec to play!)

  1. Simply awesome.

    Posted on 3:52 PM

  2. Ross Said,

    Rubbish! You see nothing!

    Posted on 4:10 PM

  3. Douglas Muth Said,

    Wow. Thanks for posting that!

    -- Doug

    Posted on 10:00 PM

  4. CreditManiac Said,

    Sorry, but in my opinion this movie is piece of crap, they should stop shot such movies…

    Posted on 12:45 AM


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