Phantasy Star Universe Soundtrack info & track list!

Posted by Jason Triplett Monday, October 16, 2006

For those that don't know, the PSU official sundtrack is FREE! That's right, free! For reserving with GameStop/EBGames, you get the entire 9 track official soundtrack absolutely free. Best part is, you can go pick up the disk now!

Track listing:

1.) Save The World - Orchestra Short Version
2.) Clyez City - Guardians Colony
3.) Holtes City - Parum
4.) Ohtoku City - Neudaiz
5.) Dagora City - Moatoob
6.) Result 01
7.) Result 02
8.) G March - Long Version
9.) Save This World - Vocal

For more on this disk, see your local GameStop or EB store now or click the link below!



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