One of the more bizare things I have seen of late is a Christian Halo 2 clan called "The Christian Halo Union". The bizare thing isn't that they are Christians that play Halo 2, but that they decide to use a violent game in which you murder each other over and over to promote the Lord's word.

The clan isn't huge, nor is it very prosperous, but they have been hitting all the message boards advertising their clan and spreading the word. People will have their own opinions of this, and I certainly have mine. Preaching while playing a violent game like Halo is like stopping in a titty bar to enjoy the naked women and pass out religious flyers while you are there. I can understand where they are coming from I guess, but it still seems a bit off to me. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments section provided below!


  1. Hmm... I think that I am the founder of "The Christian Halo Union". And we have 40 members in 11 days. 4 of them joined this morning. Not to mention that we had 21 in the first day... So I wouldn't say that we haven't prospered.

    Wow... I can't believe a website made a whole article dedicated to my group.

    Thanks for the advertising I guess.

    Oh, and if anybody is interested in visiting my group homepage, or joining my group, you can visit us at the link below...

    Sorry if you can't see alot of the different forums and some of the main page announcements, you have to join the group to see anything more than the homepage.

    Posted on 10:56 AM

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    Posted on 10:57 AM

  3. WrancherGirl Said,

    I think there's no problem with a christian halo group since the game is biblical in a lot of the things they do. The main characters name is John 1:17 look it up in the bible and you will be surprised at what you find. Also what's so bad about the game? It's not a sin to shoot aliens is it? I don't think God cares if somebody plays a halo 2 game. Who would want to go to heaven if you couldn't play halo 2 lol... Oh yeah by the way I'm a christian and a member.

    Posted on 11:23 AM

  4. WrancherGirl Said,

    Oh yeah! I'd also like to say that there is lots of killing in the bible. How many people did David kill? We know he made it to heaven... Also aliens are in there too.

    Halo 2 and a titty bar are two diffrent things. The 10 comandments says nothing about fighting for your country/world/whatever your fighting for as portrayed in the halo 2 game. It says to "draw you sword at your borders". What it does say is no fornicafornication (sex before marriage). Titty bars are a big sin and I advise nobody to even think on it.

    I guess this is what the bible means when it says we will suffer persacution (or however you spell it) but I'm prepared to fight back because I don't want to burn in hell. Think about this if there is a God you will burn in hell if you don't say the prayer and live a holy life (I could go on but I wont). If there isn't a God you will just go back to the dirt and be no more or turn into some animal. So what is the safest way to go? Ok I guess you've had enough of me by now lol...

    Posted on 11:42 AM

  5. Well, I would like to commend those that desire to play with other Christians. I don't like listening to people cuss at me or others, and I don't like filthy names. I think we can play games like Halo too, but we have to mind what we are putting in our minds. Playing a make believe video game is not the same as going to a bordello... afterall that is what a bar with naked women is... Mario Brothers had their fair share of killing things too. Should we as believer's in Christ Jesus be subjected to abstaining from video games such as Halo. No, however, I think that we need to be mindful of what we are doing as we play and those that we are playing with. We must always be discerning. Of course, this opinion does come from a Christian Halo player that was looking for a Christian Clan.
    John 14:6

    Posted on 12:54 AM

  6. ok so halo is not a sin. unless killing pixels is a sin(btw they have no soul). and i beleive that the bible is an action novel. haha because it has battles and killings and theives and bad leaders amnd most importantly it has a saviour. and nowhere in it not even in levitcus does it say fps' are a sin. and dont bash something til you try it. so if you wanna bash it then become a christian. and i gurantee youll like it and you wont want to bash it. ill also gurantee that its not easy. but youll make it through
    because all things are possible through christ who strengthens me.

    i am a pirate

    and you sir are a ninny!

    you sir are a ninny

    Posted on 11:06 AM

  7. Update: The Christian Halo Union now has 117 members and still growing strong!

    Posted on 6:57 PM

  8. Anonymous Said,

    the fact of the matter is it thats its violence and you are participating in it, i am a christian myself and ALL violence is unexceptable.Do NOT use the storys in the bible used to teach others as tool to promote violent games,AND do not use violent video games as a tool to promote god. ands if you think you are being persacuted just because someone has an opinion of a video game your playing guess again, i am warning you all PLEASE dont fool yourselves we do not live in biblical times things a lot different and the devil is even more caniving,crafty and deceitful as ever, do not fall for the wolf in sheeps clothing there are more wholesome and better ways to get together as christians.

    Posted on 2:32 PM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    i agree and disagree with anonymous if someone wants to play those type of games its on them, me personally i see it as just a game but i do know some christian players that take it too far. keep in mind i said SOME there are christians that play the for fun with out trying to make it there own.The way i see it if you are sensitive and dont like see bad words and names play on a christian server but if not and know how to ignore those type of things and not take them seriously play on the rest. Dont make it more than it is and dont make it more than it isnt.

    Posted on 10:47 PM

  10. Anonymous Said,

    God bless you guys with your mission, I have wanted to start my own christian clan on halo, when Halo 3 comes out I will! Your comparison makes no sense to me, a video game vs a titty bar? Come on, I know you might feel a bit strong about this, and thats fine, but please come up with a better comprasion then that. Thanks and God bless!!!

    Posted on 8:41 PM

  11. Anonymous Said,

    hello, i am a Jesus Freak and I have been for about the past 3 years. My opinion on this is that if you don't take it to the extremes, and balance it, your okay. Now, what are the extremes? Let me tell you...if your obsessed over halo and are a freak, thats an extreme......If you choose halo over family, friends, church etc. that's an extreme....If you start seeing yourself to start building anger over your opponent or computer and you start cussing in your mind...that's an extreme....if you get addicted, thats an extreme.....miss school, or work, church, miss bible group....thats an extreme. These are the extremes and my boundaries that i keep whenever i get involved in ANY video games, as they are addicting. But as a Christian, i love the fact that there is a Christian Clan. I was laughing when i hear that. lol.

    Do i own a xbox? no
    Do i own the halo game? no
    When do i play video games? hardly ever
    Would i ever buy a game console? maybe

    Truth to matter is that if you put ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING, above God, your indulging in sin and your life will fall apart. So i warn every Christian to not fall into the area of addiction or obsession. In the end, we will not be graded on how many games or matches we won. We will be graded on how we utilized our time and effort on Earth for His sake, and His sake alone.

    Posted on 1:16 PM

  12. It’s interesting how time can change a person—and a group. I doubt anyone will ever read this again, but if you do, I’d like to let you know that, after two years of activity, The Christian Halo Union still stands strong. As of June 19th, 2008, we have 618 members and continue to grow.

    Though we are still a Halo-based group, nowadays we get our activity by way of religious debates and biblical discussions. The clan has mostly fallen out of use. Since Halo 3 doesn’t support clan systems, most of our activity takes place on the forums. But, occasionally, members host online matches.

    Why am I posting this? I don’t know. I’d forgotten about it. When I came across it on a Google search, I couldn’t help it.

    —Hawaii6U, Founder

    Posted on 10:05 AM


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