First Chromehounds DLC pack FREE on the 19th!

Posted by Jason Triplett Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sgea and From Software announced on their website that the first round of DLC for their popular mech combat game Chromehounds will be free to download on the 19th of July! Here is what was posted on the official forums:

"We're happy to announce that the first downloadable pack of new content for Chromehounds will be unleashed next week. And it'll be free!

SEGA and FromSoftware have made the decision to offer the pack free of charge by way of a thank you to HOUND pilots around the world. As you may know, we experienced some tricky server-load problems right after launch, and we hope this will go some way to saying thanks for sticking by the game.

The pack will be available to download via the Xbox Live Marketplace at 00:00GMT on 19th July.


Light Arms WP_SG003 A sniper cannon for fast, furious engagements. Features a smaller magazine to reduce weight.

Heavy Arms WH_HC034 An improved HC1500/D, for those in the know. A giant cannon with massive destructive power.

Assist Part AX_AM002 Additional armor with an enhanced KE defensive profile. It’s shaped to better turn bullets.

Colour Pattern WWII Tricolor Camouflage A brand new World War II inspired camouflage pattern.


So there you have it folks! Chromehound addicts rejoice! The 19th is gonna be awesome!



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