Killzone 2 giving people motion sickness!

Posted by Jason Triplett Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today, I break to you all another story regarding the overhyped PS3 game Killzone 2. Since the game's launch, numerous threads across the internet have erupted, with gamers claiming they cannot even play the game because it gives them motion sickness.

I have visited forums across the net, from Sony's own to GameFAQs and IGN. I have to say it is stunning how many people are reporting these issues.

"This is the first time in twenty years of gaming that a game has made me feel so badly that I have to stop playing it.The controls combined with the painful blur and framerate drops do a number on my head that lasts for an hour or more after I stop playing." describes one gamer.

Another gamer says "well, after playing the demo and getting simulation sickness from it again, I cancelled my preorder of KZ2. It's ridiculous that such a small, meaningless feature like head bobbing is forcing me to not play one of the biggest releases the PS3 will ever see."

This is obviously a serious issue with this game, one that needs to be fixed in order to save some of the credibility of it's overfluffed paid reviews.

UPDATE: We are also receiving reports of serious eye strain and sore eyes from these same threads across the net. I believe the two issues are connected. I am currently loking deeper into this.

Have you experienced motion sickness or "simulation" sickness? Tell us about it here in our comments section, and stay tuned for more on this as it breaks!

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Kind of ran into your post but yes, I have run into this problem. OK, first I have played plenty of FPS games in the past with NO problems whatsoever. (I'm 29 and have never had it happen) Now comes KZ2 and after the first 45 minute or so session, I had a horrendous headache. So bad I actually had to go lay in bed and close my eyes.
    I thought maybe there was something wrong with me so (like an idiot) I tried it again the next day. And again, the pain in my freakin eyeballs became unbearable, to the point where I felt it the next morning!
    I can't be alone here, and Guerilla better fix this fast! Aholes!

    Posted on 2:13 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I am also experiencing motion sickness from the game. I think it is indeed the way the game shakes the camera view as you walk or run. I can't play the game more than 10 minutes, and wish I could return it.

    I hope they put out an update allowing users to turn off the camera shake, and allow it to have smooth movements like the original kill zone. They really tried to be too realistic here, and its really too bad. Would have loved to try and beat the game...



    Posted on 2:44 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    yes its happening to me as well. I find all the shaking and movement in the game and even the menu's are making me sick in my stomach, this has never happened to me on any other FPS game. i hope they fix this issue, otherwise i am going to have to sell it.

    Posted on 4:42 AM


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