Dark Knight full trailer LEAKED!

Posted by Jason Triplett Friday, December 14, 2007

You knew it was gonna happen. Fresh from the midnight showing of "I Am Legend" is this new trailer for "The Dark Knight". Whoever did this has balls. Enjoy!

EDIT: I want to reiterate for the record, I did not record this myself. WB, if you're looking for the guy who shot it, it ain't me. In fact, it wouldn't be too hard to find out who it was, it wast he first copy posted on YouTube! But it wasn't me.

EDIT 2: Just as we promised, the trailer is officially up at the link below! Enjoy!

We have confirmed an official release is due on the net Sunday at the folowing site.


  1. Anonymous Said,

    Good God, I have never been this hard before in my entire life.

    Posted on 4:49 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Never before in the history have leaked videos has there been one as important as this.

    Kudos to the person who made this, I owe you a drink...


    Posted on 7:38 AM

  3. qemuel Said,

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou! So totally STOKED right now...

    Posted on 10:20 AM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    Michael Caine could so kick Jokers ass

    Posted on 11:22 AM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    If that trailer was a man I would totally make out with him.

    Posted on 12:06 PM

  6. Anonymous Said,

    god when he says evening commissioner his face looks so scary

    Posted on 12:19 PM

  7. Anonymous Said,

    Not bad. I really liked it, but I wasn't blown away like I have been on other trailers. Still, I think this movie will kick all kinds of ass and I can't wait for. :)

    Posted on 1:30 PM

  8. Anonymous Said,

    Did I just get laid?

    It felt so good

    Posted on 3:09 PM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    6 min? i thought there was supposed to be a 6 min trailer...
    this clocks in at less than half!

    Posted on 5:08 PM

  10. Anonymous Said,

    I saw the midnight show of I Am Legend and saw a different trailer. so that means there's atleast 2 trailers. the other one involves a bank robery.

    Posted on 5:12 PM

  11. Anonymous Said,

    after this trailer, i am more than convinced that this movie is going to suck.

    Posted on 5:41 PM

  12. Anonymous Said,

    this trailer is for non-IMAX theater's. IMAX for I Am Legend has the first 6 minutes of the film, with Joker and his goons robbing a bank. Also, this will be the greatest movie ever made(for Batman fans)

    Posted on 6:19 PM

  13. Anonymous Said,


    My free ebooks at: http://i-ebooks.blogspot.com/

    Posted on 8:17 PM

  14. Anonymous Said,

    Nicholson is always going to be THE Joker for me. But either way, I'm totally psyched from The Dark Knight.
    Mmm Christian Bale.

    Posted on 4:54 AM

  15. Anonymous Said,

    I normally wouldnt admit this, but I have an erection. "Lets put a smile on that face!"


    Posted on 5:19 AM

  16. Anonymous Said,

    I think Ive watched this trailer 100 times and I'm still not bored with it. This could very well be not only the best comic movie ever but the best movie ever ! am I over exagurating ? ... naa

    "what ever doesnt kill you simply makes you.. stranger" ahahahahah

    Posted on 3:01 PM

  17. Anonymous Said,

    You're just a freak...........like me!

    The Joker character here is bad, but more ugly than bad, so I don't think I'll fall for the impression of wicked here. Real psychopaths, they look pretty.

    Posted on 5:24 PM

  18. Anonymous Said,

    that's nice.
    steal a guys video for your stupid blog and then throw him under the bus.

    Posted on 7:32 PM

  19. Anonymous Said,

    What krzyspc said.



    Posted on 10:42 PM

  20. Anonymous Said,

    batman smashed the SSSSHHHHIIIITTTT! out of that car

    Posted on 11:17 PM

  21. Anonymous Said,

    In Batman Begins when he told the menager im buying this hotel, i knew the batman character was going to be in good hands with that. Thismovie is just going to confirm my hypothesis.

    Posted on 11:59 PM

  22. Why not watch the IMAX with me, clowns?

    GooTube me:
    slash TatteredHoody

    or search for:
    That which does not kill you only makes you stranger.

    It'll put a smile on your face.

    Posted on 10:20 AM

  23. Anonymous Said,

    That was a sweet first look TatteredHoody...thank you.

    Posted on 5:50 PM

  24. Anonymous Said,

    TatteredHoody, thanks for that....well worth the look.

    Posted on 5:50 PM

  25. Anonymous Said,

    i swear to god i just had the biggest orgasm i've ever had.

    Posted on 6:15 PM

  26. Anonymous Said,


    WhY sO seRIouS snOwGLobe

    jUSt iN tiME fOr tHE HoliDAyS

    Posted on 12:37 AM

  27. Anonymous Said,

    disappointed, you either expect far too much from Hollywood, or you have extremely horrid taste in films. This looks fantastic.

    Posted on 10:25 AM

  28. Anonymous Said,

    I can't believe actually consider Jack Nicholson's Joker to be anything but ridiculous. He was just playing himself in clown make-up. Its embarrassing to consider that he was ever the Joker.

    Posted on 12:24 PM

  29. Anonymous Said,

    FYI Hollywood:
    when will the movie industry realize that maggie gyllenhaal is just not sexy. (ok i did enjoy "secretary" but that was mostly because of smarmy (when's the last time you used THAT word) James Spader rather than maggie g). Picking the HOTT girl is equally important and can ruin a film.

    Posted on 1:45 AM

  30. Anonymous Said,

    Nicholsons joker was garbage. Ledger's Joker will OWN!

    Posted on 1:51 AM

  31. Anonymous Said,


    Posted on 4:46 AM

  32. mmo Said,

    i love this trailer

    Posted on 8:15 PM


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