Updated Cloverfield info! What we know so far!

Posted by Jason Triplett Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today we continue our coverage of Cloverfield, the secret movie that's not so secret anymore. First, we invite you to see the previous article, linked below:


Next, lets talk about The new stuff.


That is a section of the homepage of Slusho's "parent company". Notice I took you directly to the deep sea drilling page. Back on the official Slusho site, it was mentioned that Slusho's main ingredient comes from the bottom of the sea. Hence what these guys may be drilling for. Now look at all the inception dates of the drills. Notice anything? The drill closest to New York is the newest one.

Then this odd trailer on the Slusho site:

Odd, right? Ok, so we know the ending of the film, the plot of the film, and the history of the company that caused the attack. so what about the monster itself? Our sources maintain that you never see the full monster in the film, just glimpses here and there captured by the shaky cam. Such as this, from the new trailer (click for the moving GIF!):

And that is the gist of what you see of it.

Then there is the ending. How bland and lame, I wished it WAS fake. Alas, it is not.



What you see there is a call sheet for the final shot of the film, the "ending". Then to back it up, actual on set footage of those very events being filmed. I won't spoil it for those of you who don't want to know, but it has to do with the below screen from the film's newest trailer:

Then the blow. PG-13. Welllet's hope this move helps the film instead of hurting it. However, it has hurt other horror films in the past such as AVP. Horror movie without gore? Kinda. Look at the blow photo:

Well we know the woman explodes, but we don't see it. Just the shadow. There is your gore, sickos lol.

Anyways, J.J. was kind enough to give out an exclusive 5 minute scene from the film. Make of it what you will.

Again you see a glimpse of the beast. Anyone else thinking Gamera here?

Well, that is it for now. For more coverage, see us back here or at any of the links we've covered in the past!


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