Wal Mart/Blockbuster 360 news

Posted by Justin Gain Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Now, according to my moles at blockbuster a few choice games are now 19.99 new and even one is 9.99 new. I'm not sure if this is in every store, but all you have to do is call them up and ask to verify. As far as I know this isn't a sale, but the markdown for these games.
19.99 titles:
Far Cry Instincts Predator
Full Auto
Burnout Revenge
Perfect Dark Zero Col. Ed.
9.99 Titles:
College Hoops 2k6

Also, I was in my local Walmart when I spotted an empty rack for a new demo disk for the 360. It apparently contained demos, music videos, and more. If anybody can get a hold of one, then let us know so we can post what's contained on the disc.

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  1. $19.99 for Burnout revenge? That's a must-buy IMO...best arcade racer ever made.

    Posted on 1:19 PM


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