Wii to launch November 6th? We think not...

Posted by Jason Triplett Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So Sports Illustrated for Kids gave the Nintendo Wii a November 6th release date. First of all, what does a crappy sports rag know about video games? Judging from past articles and reviews in the magazine, apparently not much...

We don't think that the November 6th release date is real at all, and we have our own reasons to believe this.

1.) Most of the Wii launch games are currently in system at Gamestop, EB Games and GameCrazy for an October 2nd ship date, which would make the release October 3rd.

2.) Games and game systems primarily launch on Tuesdays. October 3rd is a Tuesday. On the flip side of this, Nintendo did ship the DS Lite early and gave it a Sunday release date here in the states. However, the launch was unsuccessful in terms of numbers.

3.) Most of the release dates of the "big guns" from Microsoft have been shifted around to match the October 3rd date. Gears of War, Forza 2, and Viva Pinata are amoung the 7-10 games scheduled to hit the 360 that week. Most of these games were previously scheduled to match the PS3 launch. This is undoubtedly due to Peter Moore going ga-ga over the Wii. He says he doesn't fear the PS3 launch, but couldn't stop talking about Nintendo.

4.) Nintendo wouldn't want to risk a launch so dangerously close to Sony's. Granted, the PS3 launch looks incredibly weak, and the price point is well above what most people are going to pay. However, the early adopters that have to have anything and everything Sony no matter what it is, could really hurt Nintendo's launch financially. Nintendo says they aren't in competition with Sony and Microsoft, but we all know that's a load of shit.

Logistically launching a month ahead of Sony would be more prudent. The month head start would put the Wii in homes and get the word of mouth started. A month ahead of Sony wuld mean the Wii is on it's 3rd or 4th shipment, meaning there should be plenty of Wii's on shelves when there are no PS3's.

If Nintendo DOES launch a mere 12 days before Sony's behemoth, Microsoft could come out the winner. With no Wii's or PS3's on shelves, gamers might look at the 360 and it's awesome fall line-up, not to mention systems on the shelves ready to buy. That's our view. Stay tuned as we cover this story to see how it realy unfolds.

  1. Andrex Said,

    Interesting. From a strictly business standpoint, it makes sense, and from a strictly gaming standpoint it also makes sense. I do hope you and EB are right about the date.

    Posted on 5:19 PM

  2. Ralph C Said,

    very well put except that Nintendo has been mass producing for quite some time now since the 21st of June so there will not be much of a shortage. Well unless everyone runs out and buys one.....

    Posted on 11:52 PM


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