Best Free PC Software

Posted by Cmos Saturday, July 08, 2006

Well after having a 5 hour fuck up and almost losing all my data, I got to thinking! What are some of the best free apps on the web? ( Fyi be very careful if you try to install MAC OSX on your main pc it can cause you hell!!!

So after a complete reformat I decided I would only use free apps to help keep my pc up to date from viruses and spyware. After a few hours searching around I have developed a list of apps that I find very useful for most pc users.

1. AVG Anti Virus Free Edition

Provides a great anti-virus suite with restoring capabilities with taking very minimal system resources.


2. Windows Defender

Who better than to protect you from spyware then the people who made it possible to run on your machine...( I like this proggy cause it lets you see what programs are running from where)

3. Spybot Search and Destroy

Has a great tendancy to find any spyware Windows Defender may miss. Very easy ui.

4. U torrent

Not really a defense program but man this has got to be the coolest torrent program I have ever used. It has a great Win32 gui and dosent use java like Azureus which frees up resources.

This is just a simple list I put together for Apps I believed that are very useful. I am sure there are many more and I would appreciate some feedback to what YOU believe is needed in everyday WINDOWS life. Please only refer free programs.


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