The Wachowski brothers are no more!

Posted by Jason Triplett Friday, July 21, 2006

UPDATE: Over a year later, and we have the big follow-up news on this story! Check out the below link for more on the story covered in this article:

It is no big secret that Larry Wachowski, one half of the filmmaking duo "The Wachowski Brothers", has been undergoing gender reassignment. Despite the fact that the secretive Wachowskis never give interviews, the news has been around since well before 2004. Larry has been undergoing a very long and painful sex change to become "Linda", and due to this, the famed duo may be done for.

A source close to the brothers say that Larry is indeed now officially Linda. The major aspects of the surgery have been complete for some time now, and he (I'm sorry, "she") is now undergoing further hormone treatment and psychological therapy. He has also legally changed his name. The change has put a tremendous strain on his relationship with his brother, but Andy sticks by him regardless of his choices. The source also mentioned that Linda, formerly Larry, is contemplating leaving film for good. This was recommended by his therapist. If he does stay in the team, he obviously won't be a "he" anymore, so the team would be called simply "The Wachowskis".

So what of his long time affair with the famous dominatrix Mistress Ilsa? Well Larry has always been fascinated, if not obsessed, with lesbianism. So he would still be "gay" so to speak, but in the woman + woman category. All of his most recent public appearances were as a woman, save his court appearance, in which he was still very effeminate.

Will Linda ever come out to the public and admit what has happened? That all depends on how the therapy goes. For now, all we can do is wait and see where this goes. There is word that Andy is writing again, so perhaps the project can bring the Wachowskis back together. I have also heard from another source that Dateline NBC is attempting to score the exclusive television interview with the duo, but something tells me it isn't going to happen.

Some of you may still be in denial about what has been happening, so if you like, you can take this with a grain of salt. However, if you want to see how far larry's rabbit hole really goes, Check out these links, just a few of the many reports of tis change that are out there:,2933,181389,00.html

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Admit what has happened? You put that like she's done something wrong. Her private life is hers to keep to herself as she sees fit.

    Posted on 10:59 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I'd heard about this before, s/he apparently came to the Matrix: revolutions premier in complete drag garb but it was quite obvious that it was either a joke or he was a cross-dresser. They make good movies (Matrix 1 and V for Vendetta) so who really cares, plus it's his/her life ..does it really matter?

    Posted on 11:20 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Don't believe everything in the Matrix

    Posted on 3:41 AM

  4. Joey Said,

    if you don't want to come across as insensitive and disrespectful, you refer to someone based on his or her CURRENT gender.

    Posted on 5:14 AM

  5. Unknown Said,

    guess he took the pink pill...

    Posted on 8:34 AM

  6. Anonymous Said,

    I'm not worried about being insensitive - he'd better get used to people slipping and calling *him* a dude, cause - he IS.

    Not was.....but....*IS*

    You can go through all the psych. therapy you want - but at the end of the day all the money in the world wont change the fact you were a man for 30 or so years of your life.

    If I was a black guy for 30 years then went through chemical treatment and psych. training to become white - guess what....I'm *STILL* black.

    Posted on 9:01 AM

  7. Anonymous Said,

    Who cares? It's like if Steven Spielberg would change his gender. The world would of course implode for all eternity!

    Posted on 9:22 AM

  8. Anonymous Said,

    "if you don't want to come across as insensitive and disrespectful, you refer to someone based on his or her CURRENT gender."

    He is a male because he was born a male. Mutilation does not change your gender...

    Posted on 10:01 AM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    Whatever makes HER happy. The body cannot live without the mind.

    Posted on 10:01 AM

  10. Anonymous Said,

    I'm not worried about being insensitive - he'd better get used to people slipping and calling *him* a dude, cause - he IS.

    Not was.....but....*IS*

    You can go through all the psych. therapy you want - but at the end of the day all the money in the world wont change the fact you were a man for 30 or so years of your life.

    If I was a black guy for 30 years then went through chemical treatment and psych. training to become white - guess what....I'm *STILL* black.

    I'm an asshole.

    Posted on 10:02 AM

  11. Anonymous Said,

    Geez, there has always got to be at least one hateful bigot every time anything gender related comes up.

    Posted on 10:21 AM

  12. Anonymous Said,

    zhe can do what zhe wants.

    Posted on 10:30 AM

  13. Anonymous Said,

    Does the person have XX or XY chromasomes? XY? Ok, he is a he. Done.

    Posted on 11:51 AM

  14. Anonymous Said,

    Work together again? They are making "Speed Racer" right now. The duo seems pretty intact.

    Posted on 2:06 PM

  15. Anonymous Said,

    lol born a man raised a man
    cropped it off, mutilated man. .. . .

    Posted on 2:06 PM

  16. Anonymous Said,

    anonymous.. the problem is.. thats exactly the way it is to be transgender, just that it's the opposite; no matter how much psychotherapy you go through, or whatever you do, the sense of what gender you actually belong to, regardless if its opposite to the gender you live like, or the gender of your body...

    Posted on 2:28 PM

  17. Anonymous Said,

    thanks for the update but this was terribly-written article. How many times did you say "he" and "him"? We're not idiots, we can follow the story just as well once you refer to Linda as a "she". How immature.

    Posted on 2:57 PM

  18. Anonymous Said,

    People just need to be happy with the way they are born. Geez...

    Posted on 5:06 PM

  19. Anonymous Said,

    Your usage of the word "he" is incredibly inappropriate for Linda's gender identity. Why use her chosen name if you're not going to be respectful of her identity? Be consistent, because not only do you seem like an asshole, but you seem like an ignorant asshole at that.

    Learn some manners.

    Posted on 5:38 PM

  20. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, I don't have a problem with saying "she" went referring to Linda Wachwowski, and so I will. But it's not necessarily bigoted to say that she isn't really a woman. No matter what, gender reassignment surgery is, for all intents and purposes, a purely cosmetic thing. It may make someone feel better about themselves because they prefer certain physical characteristics.

    She still can't menstruate, she still can't lactate, she still has a Y chromosome, she still doesn't have ovaries, and with the exception of the genitalia, she still can ONLY retain the appearance of a woman by use of pills and hormones.

    The example used in this thread may have seemed crass, but it's apt: If I'm a white guy and I undergo a major chemical treatment and surgery to make my skin dark, that doesn't make legitimately make me a black guy. I may be able to pass as black, but I'm still in no way African-American.

    Posted on 8:14 PM

  21. Anonymous Said,

    That's just icky

    Posted on 12:02 AM

  22. Anonymous Said,

    Thats sad to know.

    Posted on 11:43 PM

  23. Anonymous Said,

    Wow. Lotsa ignorance around gender reassignment around here. Puhlease people.

    Posted on 7:09 PM

  24. Anonymous Said,

    'gender identity' HAHAHAHA
    Chromosomes have the final say on gender, it does not matter how much you chop off, add on, and what you wear - XX or XY is final say.

    Posted on 7:33 AM

  25. Anonymous Said,

    Ask yourself this question - if you were to take a genetic sample of "Linda" and attempt to create an embryonic clone from that material, would the clone be male or female?

    Posted on 2:48 PM

  26. Anonymous Said,

    we are disgussing this as though the act is okay, but opinions on which are blasphemous. if it is okay for someone to change their sex, then it is okay for someone to be against it. ignorance is not that which opposes conformnity, it is that which lacks knowledge. unless we are (or can relate very closely to) transexuls, we are all ignorant on this subject.

    Posted on 2:43 AM

  27. Anonymous Said,

    If I was a black guy for 30 years then went through chemical treatment and psych. training to become white - guess what....I'm *STILL* black.

    Michael Jackson would like to have a word with you...

    ...and then have sex with you IF you're under the age of 15

    Posted on 5:35 AM

  28. Anonymous Said,

    There is a difference between SEX and GENDER. Biologically one may be a male but emotionally one may feel as if they are a female. Gender reassignment is changing the physical/biological components to fit more along the lines of the emotional gender feelings. He/she when referring to gender should be just that... considerate of the GENDER not the sex. If SHE identifies with the female gender, then we would refer to her as such.

    We like to think of true ignorance as being uneducated, and that is perfectly acceptable. Uneducated does not, however, automatically give one permission to be disrespectful. There is a difference.

    Posted on 1:53 PM

  29. Anonymous Said,

    Honestly, I don't care what people do, as long as it's to themselves.

    Having said that, Linda is a still a "he", if I slap a Viper badge on a neon, it's still a Neon, no matter what I'd like people to call it.

    Some people really identify with music, some people love to express themselves singing, even people who are horrible at it. For those who can't, do we call them "great" singers just because it's what they want to be, or even call them singers for that matter?

    Posted on 6:07 PM

  30. Anonymous Said,

    For the poster who says *she* is a "dude" and will always be one.

    Did you know that when autopsies are performed on those who are transgendered thier brain structure and chemical makeup is that of thier preferred sex.?
    The men have a brain that is essentially female and visa versa.

    So do we go by how the person looks outwardly.... or the sex of thier brain?
    You said you can go to therapy endlessly and not change who you are and you are right..Our brains give us our feelings ..and tell us who we are..

    Posted on 7:36 AM

  31. Anonymous Said,

    You know what? Who GIVES A FCUK? Man, woman, a bit of both....does it really affect anybody but the person going through this? Yes, genetically they are still whatever they are born with. But what exactly is the harm if they feel different to what they were born as? I'm not losing any sleep over it. And whilst the Matrix was an amazing film, the subsequent sequels were quite...rubbish. Well, except for Monica Bellucci. And I'm a straight woman (born and bred).

    Posted on 8:37 AM

  32. Anonymous Said,

    After having read all the comments to this article, I gotta say, there seem to be valid points to both sides (though much of it is brazenly un-PC, and it's a little difficult to follow the 'back and forth' of the discussion with so many of us posting as "Anonymous." Heh.)

    There's plenty of evidence to back the understanding that sometimes genes go wonky and someone is born of a certain physical sex despite the fact that their mind leans the other way. I'm not a scientist or a doctor, so I won't comment on that anymore than to say, fine. I get that. And I thereby respect the whole 'refer to them by their CURRENT gender' thing, under such circumstances, for politeness sake.

    But that having been said, between the lines of generalized symantics, I can see why it's a tough thing to swallow for those trying to remeber to call the former "him" a "her".

    Apparently such things are what they are: unfortunate genetic defects that essentially leave a person one sex while 'thinking' another. But that doesn't change, on a physical level, that they are the genetically assigned gender that they came out of their mother's womb as. And just as has been said already, no amount of surgery is going to be able to change that to any viable degree. They can try, but the sad truth is, there will always be a genetic line they will never be able to fully cross ...and it tends to show, more often than not.

    In the end, that person can only function as well as can be expected under such unfortunate circumstances. It just really sucks for them, I guess. ...Not to insult their dignity or patronize such persons or anything, but after evaluating such matters, I really feel bad for them. It's a tough lot.

    Posted on 9:34 AM

  33. Anonymous Said,

    Wait, I thought the Wachowskis were currently in production on "Speed Racer"? That doesn't sound like the "end" of the duo...

    Posted on 10:36 AM

  34. Anonymous Said,

    Heck with Wachowski.... tell us more about Ilsa Strix!!!

    Posted on 12:19 AM

  35. Anonymous Said,

    Strix betrayed the BDSM community by breaking the rules of client-provider guidelines. Whilst a previously professional dominatrix, as soon as she gushed "Guess who is in that room, it's the director of Matrix" she saw her meal ticket. Strix soon started giving Wachowski freebee sessions which sometimes lasted overnight. She then left her marriage shortly after meeting Larry/Linda Wachowski. Wachowski showered her with expensive gifs, new carm they moved into a new house and Strix was 'gone'. The rest is history.

    Posted on 5:56 PM

  36. Anonymous Said,

    Posted on 3:15 PM

  37. (just) Wally Said,

    Anyone who really believes that gender identity is solely determined by XX or XY is being willfully ignorant of brain structure and the power of hormones.
    Nothing is so simple in all that it is to be human as XX and XY...Nothing.

    Posted on 5:44 PM

  38. Anonymous Said,

    a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl

    withou that knowledge, we are less than animals, who can still recognise that

    a boy is a boy. and a girl is a girl.

    Posted on 2:24 PM

  39. Anonymous Said,

    This person is not changing their sex, but correcting their genital sex to match their inborn brain sex. She was always a woman, but somehow developed the wrong parts due to a mixup in the womb.

    Women like this are not transgendered. Transgenders are men who wrongly live as women and never get corrective surgery. They don't get surgery as behavioral and moral defects are never fixed with surgery. Then you have women such as these born with female brain organs who have a medical need to correct their outward body to match their physical brain. That condition is known as Harry Benjamin Syndrome.

    Don't think of this woman as a man who become a woman, but as a woman correcting her body. It is correct that there is no such thing as a sex change. But she is not changing her sex, but changing her body to match the inward brain sex she had her entire life and was forced to pretend not to have.

    Posted on 3:13 PM

  40. Anonymous Said,

    Nice fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

    Posted on 10:17 PM


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