Rated-M Recommends: The Three Davids

Posted by Jason Triplett Thursday, July 20, 2006

When it comes to Hollywood, there are generally two types of filmmakers. The kind that cater to studio desires and box office numbers, and the kind that makes the films they want no matter what. Today, I offer you three directors who make what they want...David Lynch, David Fincher, and David Cronenberg.

David Lynch
David Lynch is probably one of the strangest and most misunderstood filmmakers of all time...and you know what? He likes it that way. Lynch's films are mostly visionary pieces of art meant to be analyzed to the depths. Filled with symbolism, strange characters, and beautiful photography, Lynch's works are all unique within his world. Some people feel they share a theme, like hell, or limbo. When asked, Lynch merely says that the meaning of the films is to make you come up with your own theories. It's doubtful that he would reveal the links between his works. It would simply kill the mystery.

While most of Lynch's films are very odd and not for everyone, I highly recommend viewing "The Elephant Man". It is certainly Lynch's most cohesive piece, and on my list of best biopics of all time. If you are in the mood for something a little more strage than that, check out "Blue Velvet" or "Eraserhead". If you want something really out there, check out http://www.davidlynch.com and watch shorts and series like "Rabbits". You can also pick up films like "Lost Highway" and "Mulholland Drive".

David Cronenberg
Cronenberg is one of my all time favorite filmmakers. The man is a pure genius. His two latest films, "Spider" and "A History of Violence", are superb examples of how to be cutting edge. "Spider" follows the story of a mentally disturbed man, brilliantly played by Ralph Fiennes, who begins to have flashbacks that unlock the secrets of his past. This is a great film for fans of character studies, but due to the pacing of the film, it may not be for everyone. "A History of Violence" is a fast paced, in your face crime drama/mystery/action film. Viggo Mortensen plays a family man who's past is beginning to catch up with him. Ed Harris is simply amazing in this film.

If you wish to further explore Cronenberg, check out films like "eXistenZ" (my personal favorite of his), "Rabid", "Scanners", and "The Fly". Cronenberg has a long history of filmmaking that encompasses many different genres. If you start digging, you will find that he has ade some really amazing films!

David Fincher
Ah, Fincher. How I love thy films! Fincher doesn't have as long a list of films as the other Davids, nor does he go back as far. However, Fincher has one of the coolest styles of filmmaking out there today. "Se7en", "Fight Club", and even "Alien 3" are just a small part of what David Fincher has done for film. It's not the titles themselves, but the way the stories are portrayed. Like the other two Davids, Fincher can make normal films like "Panic Room", but he also is the master of mindbenders like "Fight Club" or "The Game".

Unfortunately, that about covers the films he's done. Despite the short list, the man has created a legacy that will surely go on for years to come. He is currently filming "Zodiac" based on the real life Zodiac killer. Let me tell you, if anyone can do this bizarre true story, Fincher can!

There you have it folks. The three Davids. Make a trip to the local video store, or hit up the net to find gems by these guys. If you like alternative filmmaking, you won't be dissapointed! Of course, fans of these guys already know this. Hopefully some of you that haven't seen many of these films will become new fans!


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