Baby Grace's mom admits to killing her, WoW to blame?

Posted by Jason Triplett Tuesday, November 27, 2007

According to CNN/HN, this is the case. As the investigation into the discovery of dead little baby Grace panned out, the mother and her new hubby were arrested. Today, the mother admitted that her, and her husband whom she met online in WoW, beat and killed her.

Apparently her relationship with her daughter evaporated after she blindly moved across the country to be with this guy she met in World of Warcraft. She blamed the daughter, saying "she brought it on herself".

This is speculated to mean that the baby was acting up during one of her online gaming sessions, and she was beaten to death as a result. Psychiatrists expect her lawyers to make an insanity plea based on the fact that the woman was so consumed in the fantasy life of WoW, that she simply snapped when real life duties called.

So, was the woman warped by WoW? Or is this yet another case of scapegoating? This isn't the only case of child death and neglection related to an MMO. Only time will tell what the jury will find.

Stay tuned for more as this breaks.

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Unless there was a popup in the game restricting her from doing whatever until she killed her child, I don't wanna hear about it.

    Posted on 6:46 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    That child deserved better than those pieces of trash.

    Posted on 7:12 PM


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