Bioshock DLC revealed .ini file?

Posted by Jason Triplett Friday, September 07, 2007

Fresh on the heels of our breaking news last week on the possibility of Plasmids as Bioshock DLC, today we get proof, and from the most inconspicuous of places...the game itself!

The many .ini files included in the PC installation of the game not only confirmed our earlier story, it expands it! The question is, with the first pack being so small, and so many unreleased plasmids left to go, how much are they planning to charge us for this content?

So without further ado, I bring you the entire list of Plasmids we shall expect as DLC:

Pack 1:
Machine Buster
Sonic Boom
EVE Saver
Vending Expert

Future Packs:
Life Drain (and upgrades)
Machine Bully
Telekenesis 2
Air Blast 2
Electric Bolt Zero

Special Ecology Plasmid set:
Mutant Synergy Plasmid
Drone Neural Dampening Field Plasmid
Pressure Manipulation Plasmid
Drone Attractant Plasmid
Drone Synergy Plasmid
High-Pressure Armor Plasmid
High-Pressure Conservation Plasmid
High Pressure Entropic Dampening Plasmid
High-Pressure Plasmid Synergy Plasmid
High-Pressure Security Crate Access Plasmid
Localized High Pressure Plasmid
Localized Low Pressure Plasmid
Low Pressure Armor Plasmid
Low Pressure Conservation Plasmid
Low Pressure Entropic Dampening Plasmid
Low Pressure Plasmid Synergy Plasmid
Low Pressure Security Crate Access Plasmid
Guardian Synergy Plasmid

Of course, we previously brought you the intro video for the Sonic Boom Plasmid, which we will again post below:

Thanks to the poster Zemlor over at the 2K forums for cracking this wide open. You can find his original post below:

As always, stay tuned for more on this as it breaks!


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