Rated-M.com's 2006 list!

Posted by Jason Triplett Saturday, December 23, 2006

Since the year has now come to an end, I'd like to share some of the best and worst of 2006 with you, including our choice for 2006 GOTY! Let's get underway!

Biggest mistake of 2006: A lot of you think I'm gonna say "the PS3 launch". However, I think someone screwed up this year a lot more than Sony. You see, the PS3 just needs time to get off the ground. My pick for biggest mistake is Kurt angle leaving the WWE for TNA. Since leaving Vince, his story lines have suffered, and he has to job to an overrated wrestler like Samoa Joe.

Biggest surprise of 2006
: Britney Spears' crotch shots. I wasn't ever expecting to see hew twank, but there it was for the world to see. Thanks for the memories Britney!

Biggest letdown of 2006: Sony's PS3 launch. Notice I said the launch, and not the system. I feel the PS3 has potential. But there is no denying that Sony fucked up real bad this time around, and has paid dearly for it in sales and popularity. The poor design of their kiosk units doesn't help matters much, as it causes systems to overheat and freeze up in stores. This obviously doesn't leave a good impression with Average Joe and Jane Walk-In who may just be in the market for a new system.

Most underrated item of 2006: Microsoft's Zune player. Definately the iPod killer MS promised it to be, but no one knows what the hell a Zune is yet. MS wanted to obviously keep the focus on their 360 console, which has hurt this amazing little piece of machinery. Hopefully their ad campaign will kick into full gear in 2007. This little movie and music player deserves our attention.

Most viewed Rated-M story of 2006: I have a lot of viewers, and with my stat counter, I have tracked the most viewed story of the entire year. I was surprised that this story got as much attention as it did, but you fans have spoken! You all want to know about the WWE's Mickie James' alleged porn career! So for you fans, here are the links to refress your memory:

Original Story / Follow-up

Most controversial Rated-M story of 2006: Without a doubt, this would have to be the leaking of the Transformers teaser, and the posting of it on Digg.com. The story went to the first page in a matter of hours. Again, I never expected so much attention behind this, but Paramount was genuinely pissed. to this day, I will still not reveal my source, but it matters not anyways. Within 48 hours of me posting the leaked trailer, they went ahead and released it officially via their website, and in much better quality. I guess they figured "if you can't beat em, join em". Below, you'll find the links to our Transformers coverage, as well as the original Digg.com story.

Transformers Coverage at Rated-M / Digg.com post

Console of the Year 2006: XBOX 360. Without a doubt. It had a slow start, but to look at the line-up now is intimidating. What sealed the deal for me was the key release of a few strong titles, titles that cemented the 360 as a mainstay in the console world. 2006 saw the release of Saints Row, Dead Rising, Oblivion, Gears of War, Viva Pinata, and WWE Smackdown VS. Raw 2007 (the 07 was cancelled for the PS3!). Also this year, XBL proved to us all how neat the internet can be when integrated into your gaming lifestyle. DLC for games, downloadable demos, and the great XBL Arcade (yes, I know I hated it, but it has really really grown on me). Nearly flawless and very safe, I feel it's worth the fee. Anyways, after a rough start, this system picked up steam to gain the top spot as out 2006 Console of the Year! Can PS3 pull off the same, and take our 2007 honors? We will see!

Game of the Year 2006: Here it is guys, the one you've been waiting for. Our pick for GOTY 2006. A lot came out this year that I feel is worthy. Dead Rising, Oblivion, Gears of War, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Final Fantasy XII are my contenders.We have chosen Gears of War as our pick for GOTY 2006. Sure, graphically the game is the best there is at the moment. But the game is much more than that. Great production value, perfect controls, lagless online, fun co-op and SP (though a bit short), and the coming FREE DLC pack are all parts of why we chose this game. Rarely does a game ever live up to the hype. Gears had tremendous hype, and lived up to every single second of it.

Well there ya have it. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Rated-M!


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